Power and Ancestral DNA

thebluerayPower issues are now front-and-center in our world. There are planetary forces at work, side-by-side with an acceleration in awakening across the planet. This is both global and very personal. Continue reading to understand how the energies of the weekend’s Scorpio Full Moon and annual Wesak season provide opportunities to change the future.


You don’t need to be following the news to realize how out-of-balance and divided our world is now. Abuses of power have existed throughout time, yet now the veils are lifting. Consciousness plays a key role, a growing number of people awakening and being able to see what was there all along. Those in power may try to hide unjust behavior, deny it, or fabricate stories to defend their views.

Opportunity to Change the Future

In any moment actions can be taken that change the future. That’s because we are always creating the future by what we do or don’t do now. Individuals have this power. Groups of people and countries have this power.

Part of the role of the divine changemaker is becoming conscious to just how powerful you are in creating reality!

Power, like so many things, can be used for good or bad purposes. The lesson of power is one of the biggest ones we have on Earth.

Given this, it’s vital that you learn to master your energies and expression so that they are in alignment with your goals to self-realize and become enlightened. A growing number of us are doing this right now. It’s a process over time because of our long conditioning. That conditioning includes our own past lives and that of our ancestors going many generations back.

Enlightened Approaches to Power

Taking the example of power, here are a few examples of enlightened approaches. Firstis taking the higher road of spirit during an argument. You don’t get power from being right; you express enlightened power by inwardly focusing on what is just and finding appropriate ways to create that justice. Second is applying compassion to yourself and others when there are disagreements. Making someone else feel small doesn’t make you bigger. Third is remembering that sometimes it’s best to say nothing during an argument, especially when nothing you say can be productive at that moment, and may even be harmful depending on words chosen. Hurtful words cannot be taken back.

Words are your tool at each intersection of choice – allowing you to use your gifts for good. More about how to take your life to the next level in 2018 in my “Predictions 2018” premium eBook.

In these moments, words are very important. Choose them as wisely as you can. Monitor your hunches and sensing too. Quite often, a key piece of information you need to resolve something is right there in your energy field, awaiting discovery. That’s especially true with the energies we have now.

When we have planetary line-ups that catalyze power issues and an ability to uncover things we couldn’t see before, this creates a big opportunity to change our present and future.

Pay Attention to Dreams

Pay attention to your dreams now. We’re in moments when dreams – or simply the content of what we processed in dream time – can be a profound catalyst to revealing hidden information about what keeps us stuck or in pain.

Speaking of pain, many life experiences that cause us heartache are deep-seated and challenging to figure out and solve. Sometimes an issue arising in your life has nothing to do with your past, but everything to do with experiences of your ancestors.

Ancestral DNA and You

If this idea calls to you now, know that ancestral issues can be pinpointed at their source and resolved at a DNA level, allowing you to be free. This is also a healing for your ancestors and for your children.

These indeed are the times on this planet when we can collectively heal the ancestral conditioning that led to the many crises humanity faces. As long as we can’t get along with one another, and we aren’t willing to come together to negotiate in an enlightened way, we will continue to perpetuate disharmony and injustice.

Wesak Season 

A bright spot for humanity each year is the annual Wesak season. This year it begins this weekend at the Full Moon and goes through the weekend of June 23-24.

Wesak season is a period of time before and after Wesak when the veils between dimensions are thinner and it becomes easier to access the Masters. During this time each year, humanity is showered with vast blessings from the Masters. These enlightened beings include the Buddha, Christ, Kuan Yin, and many more who long ago set the template for enlightenment. They came to show us and remind us of our divine nature – helping us to see that each of us can achieve enlightenment.It’s recommended that you set your intention to connect with the Wesak blessings this year. Do this through meditation, purposeful awareness of how precious this time is, an by connecting with others in Wesak celebrations.

Keep in mind that you are encoded at a DNA level for enlightenment. It is your natural state just as it was for the Buddha and others. Awakening to it and embodying it is your path.



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