Seven Prophecies of Edgar Cayce Yet to Come True


Edgar Cayce reading 3976-26 : “…As is understood by many, in the earth manifestation and the cycle of time much repeats itself … There are still influences indicated in the lives of groups banded as nations, banded as peoples, still influenced by those happenings. What then, ye ask, is the influence that

The Creators: Your Impact is Being Felt Throughout the Universe

elohim beings“Because you exist, that means you must have a purpose. You would not exist if there were no purpose to your existence. We want you to understand that just because you are not the head some sort of movement or a very important member of your government, this does not mean that you are not having the impact that you set out to have.

You actually can do more by being

Message from the Angels: Breathe

angel messageMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a breath. Imagine that the air around you is like an ocean. As you breathe in, a wave of clean, pure air rushes into your lungs. It pauses and then recedes as you surrender to the exhale, in much the same way as a wave withdraws from its pinnacle upon the shore back into the eternal ocean

Not Salt But Sugar May Be a Leading Cause of Kidney Stones

healthy heart eraoflightIf you’re at risk for or have had a kidney stone, you have probably been advised to cut your salt intake, long forgotten is that salt has been known to reduce the risk of kidney stones in animals

If you’re at risk for or have had a kidney stone, you have probably been advised to cut

Heavenletters: The World Is Too Much with Us

heavenlettersGod said:

Keep your eye on love. Stay focused on love. What can the point be to herald lack of love or to pounce on any lack as if lack of love or lack of anything is what you want to extract from the Universe? No, you want life to shine love with all its might. “The world is too much with us