Global Markets Descend Into Contagious Panic As Italy Implodes

itstime eraoflightdotcomCommenting on today’s sheer market chaos as the US and UK return from holiday, Bloomberg writes that “fixed-income markets have descended into panic amid mounting concern over the risk of Italy leaving the euro or leading to its break-up” and while Italy is suffering the biggest losses in peripheral debt, core bonds

CNS Recalibration

newlightearth eraoflightIf we do not deeply know ourselves, then we do not know of our Original Spirit. One cannot know the nature of God’s Spirit until deeply knowing themselves, through the process of becoming increasingly self-aware. Through meditation, prayer and heart focused inspiration, we can become conscious of our direct relationship with our original God Spirit. Our inner spirit is accessed directly through our heart complex

Message from the Lumerian Crystal Collective: Crystal Song

thebluerayWe are the ancient seed crystals of Lumeria. We speak now, rising up from the depths quite literally into your now point of time when humanity is once again ready to assist us with raising Gaia again up to her former glory.

We crystal seeds remember. Many of you are older than we, for you come from far and wide across the vastness of time and space in

The Creators: Stop Limiting Your Creations

elohim beings“We tell you that you can create whatever experience you would like to create, and many of you think that you would like to live within the same framework that you have been living and simply have more of the things you have ever wanted, experienced, and so on. But if you were to give yourselves the opportunity to take it just a little bit further, you would realize that there is so much more to be experienced than what you have been exposed to so far in your lives

The Angelic Guides: How to Free Yourself When You Feel Stuck

the collective“When you feel stuck, your work is vibrational not physical”

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of resistance. As you become clearer and clearer about the dreams and desires you want to create for yourself you inevitably feel the ebb and flow of both passion, inspiration and fears and doubts. Some of you have managed to place more of your attention upon your inspirations and creativity while leaving very