Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Purge at Highest Levels

eol alt newsA change of guard and a purge of secret power brokers is breaking the deadlock in the battle for the Earth, say Pentagon, Vatican, agency, and other sources. This is expected to result in the official disclosure of 9/11 and 3/11 truth as well as the removal of several G7 leaders, according to the sources. To kick off this process

Sananda: Gaia is About to Take Off

sanandaGreetings friends! I am your Sananda, here tonight looking down upon you all from the bridge of my ship, the New Jerusalem, overlooking your progress, and it is great and grand, my friends. The swamp is being drained, the minions collected and the darkness is being returned to the light. Shine your lights a bit brighter friends, in the coming days when truths begin to come out that are exquisitely painful and may place many a doubt on manys’ faith and previous

Archangel Michael: Heart Activations and the Abundance of Gaia

archangel michael eraoflightGreetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide information on the current energies. We are in the 5~5 Portal energies, and these energies are intense. Most of this month’s energies are heavily revolving around the Heart. The clearing that the light workers have been doing for many moments, is to fully open, allow and embrace the Heart. That is what the spiritual journey is about… Coming home, back into the Heart, severing the mind… the ego, completely. Everything is based

33 Surprising Baking Soda Uses & Remedies

eraoflight healthy you and worldWhat is baking soda used for? Baking soda uses are plentiful to say the least. Many of us think of baking soda as just an ingredient for baking or something that helps to keep our refrigerators odor-free, but baking soda is incredibly good for your health and your entire home, too! If you haven’t used baking soda for cleaning, get ready to be pretty amazed. Baking soda

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

vitamin d eraoflightVitamin D deficiency is associated with a substantially increased risk of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, according to a growing body of research.

Vitamin D, once primarily known for its role in bone health, has traversed into the mainstream as one of the most important vitamins for overall health and disease prevention. From your heart to your gut and, as accumulating research shows

Saul: Spiritual Evolution is Humanity’s Purpose and Intent

saul eraoflightdotcomHumanity is at the cusp or tipping point – at the moment of enormous change – when the collective intent to choose meaningful and attentive discussion to resolve issues on a global scale is initiated, instead of resorting to flagrant and disrespectful rhetoric that practically always leads to conflict without resolution.

This is an extremely important moment in your human evolution because you are consciously

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council: Love You Like We Do

arcturian council“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been discovering the eccentricities that exist within humankind, and we find them quite endearing. We find the things that you are ashamed of to be that which makes you most lovable. We wish that we could give you our perspective, so that you could

Ancient Manuscripts Contain Evidence of Planet Nine Claim Scientists

unfolding mysteriesBy analyzing ancient manuscripts and data gathered by Anglo-Saxon Astronomers, in combination with modern data by NASA and other space agencies, experts from Queen’s University hope to narrow down the location of elusive Planet Nine.

In the distant past, ancient astronomers spotted countless things in the night sky

Heavenletters: Everyone Loves A Mystery

heavenlettersGod said:

Life, as it occurs to you, doesn’t altogether lead to a crescendo. Life seems to mosey along. The top layer of life you mostly ride on seems to do many about-faces. Instead of a clear point, life appears roundabout, spinning around, and you tend to conclude that often, too often, life is simply a joke on you, and it’s not funny