Mother Sekhmet: Divine Balance and the Lion’s Gate

mother sekhmetConnecting with my Higher Self, Mother Sekhmet-Durga, Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message for you all:

Dear Children,

I Mother Sekhmet-Durga, come forth at this hour to bring you much news for I plan to open the Lions Gate once more.

There are levels to The Lions Gate Portal – just like there is with your consciousness dear children. The further you connect with my Portal the further you will connect and expand. See this as a Star Gate if you will – and see yourself expand and enter a state of great balance.

I Mother Sekhmet-Durga am the Heart of the Sun and I am the Heart of the Moon and I welcome you all now to join me as we enter into Divine Balance.

You have come to this Earth in this time and space continuum to bring forth a greater sense of connection and higher consciousness to the hearts of humanity.

We delight in the progress of your Ascension, however there is much work to do.

Beloved Children, you have worked so hard with aligning the Earth’s Grids with the Diamond Light Energy raising Gaia up once more.

Now the work on humanity begins. With the help of you all, and the Energy coming forth from the Galactic Centre, the Great Central Sun, and the Planetary Logos many Souls will begin to awaken and in this awakening – they will begin to shift consciousness.

A wave is now underway of awakening and we anticipate further waves in your year of 2018 upon your Earth.

I ask you to connect with the Lions Gate Portal that plans to open once more in July upon your Earth and I come forth at this hour to give address

The Lions Gate Portal plans to open once more from the Great Central Sun, The God Star Sirius A and connecting with the Emerald Gateway amplifying the energy of healing and connection with Sacred Timelines both at a personal level and a collective level.

This Gateway is a gateway of great balance.

Be embraced for the Eclipses taking place in the preparation of the Lions Gate Opening – this is a celebration of the Divine Feminine and the greater balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Aspects – in the lead up you shall experience a partial Solar Eclipse 13 July 2018, Full Lunar Eclipse 27/28 July 2018 just after the Lions Gate Opening in honour of the Divine Feminine and then a partial Solar Eclipse on 11 August 2018 just before we close the Lions Gate and this is in honour of the Divine Masculine.

This is a Lions Gate of Great Balance for this invites you all now to now to connect with the Sacred Chamber of your Heart and in doing so –

As we open up this Lions Gate on 26 July 2018 26/8 we shall amplify the energy of Divine Balance Code 8 as above, so below – amplifying the connection between all dimensions – Esoteric Truths unfold in a greater abundance.

8 August 2018 will be the time when the magic of the Lions Gate will unfold – Codes 8 8 11 27/9 connection with the Universal Harmonic Realms – many Souls shall receive DNA activations on this day in abundance.

12 August 2018 working in the energy of 11/11 shall see the annual closure.

The Energy wave connects you all with the Universal Harmonic Realms for it is from there you shall receive activations to your DNA Strands and Crystaline Structure connecting you more with your Universal Higher Self and activating you to Avatar Consciousness transcending you into your Higher Super Consciousness as you embrace your Higher Self.

It is a time of great momentum – we ask you to connect with each other with Love, as the Energy comes forth from the Great Central Sun, it is time to embrace harmony.

I have seen the challenges that you all face and the misunderstandings. Remember you are a collective and in this collective dear ones you all come from different learning and experiences gathered upon your Soul Journeys and as you reach higher consciousness you shall embrace all that you have learnt thus far and use and utilize these abilities to the collective. All are unique but all are valued and embraced when you truly compliment each other.

Your power together, as one, united, knows no bounds and I ask you all to embrace to stand together join the Divine Circle dear children, the Circle of Life unfolds when you come forth in a greater harmony, embracing the Law of One.

I ask you now to open your hearts as one children of Gaia, as you embrace Higher Consciousness, as you connect with the memories within the celestial, solar and galactic points of awareness for much unfolds in this now time.

As you connect with the Great Halls of Amenti, you shall embrace a reconstruction of source memory moving you
into the multidimensional field of consciousness. Connnection to the Great Halls of Amenti shall create a pathway to the omniversal, omnipotent, and omnipresent your God/Goddess Self – The Zero Point that exists in each and every one of you.

I have so much to share with you all at this time – so many Cosmic Events are taking place at this time – it is indeed an exciting time that unfolds – remember dear children, you are not alone in your Ascension Journey – the Evolution of your Soul. I AM with you every step of the way.

Sa Sekhem Sahu

I AM Mother Sekhmet-Durga and I speak through Elaine. Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio