Council of Light: Deep Inside Hour Heart You Still Trust

ascended beingsYou hold the key to every doorway within all existences.  You hold the key to all the gifts that the Gods yearn to bring to you.  You hold the key to all the distress that you yearn to receive.  You hold the keys to the hard learning’s, the easy learning’s, the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens of the staircase of self.  It is you dear ones that procreate, recreate, un-create, and create for yourself on all levels of time, of thought, and of experience

Mother Divine: The Great Shift Is Taking Place

divine mother eraoflightdotcomDearest Karen there is a tremendous shifting of dimensions taking place. That is why you see them melding all together in this time and place. Grounding is very important to you now dearest child. You cannot let your thoughts wander, simply let go and see what transpires. For we have had many dimensions in the making all

The Council: Reality

council of mastersHave you been told that you need to face reality? Or that you need to see reality? Or that you have lost your grip on reality? Of course, the person who told you this assumed that they had a grip on reality and you did not. Let’s explore this reality that some think they have.

As one example, imagine that you are in a store shopping with a friend. When you walk out into the sunshine, you see a mother and son walking away from

Your Body Has a Built in Clock – This Is Timetable Of The Hours When Your Organs Regenerate

7 chakras eraoflightYour body has a built in clock! Every organ in your body has a timetable according to which it regenerates and maintains.

If you feel some discomfort in some part of the day (you have a headache or your are inactive) it is because some of your organs regenerates due to some damages and the strange feeling is a result of

Arcturian Council: Stepping into Your Power

arcturian council eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have noticed that the human race is very focused upon what is going on outside of each of you. You pay attention to what is happening in your community, in your country, in the world, in your families, in the lives of celebrities. You focus on so

Heavenletters: You and the Earth Spin

heavenlettersGod said:

You are at a pivotal time in your life. A turning point. This is always so. The Earth spins, and you spin. What does it mean that you spin? You are set in motion. Your life is whirling, whirling. You are like a centrifuge. We can say you spin and spin. You don’t spin a web. Perhaps it can be said that you exist more

Stop Hair Loss, Prevent Balding And Re-Grow Hair Naturally

careforyourbodyeraoflightMany people are deeply concerned about the condition of their hair, and will do almost anything to prevent further hair loss or to re-grow hair. There are a variety of pharmaceutical products that claim to promote hair growth and prevent thinning hair; however, they can cause dangerous side effects and often don’t work. Herbal treatments have been used for centuries to treat the scalp and hair, and many are effective in the prevention of baldness and even in restoring hair pigment to its original