Arcturian Council: Hidden in Plain Sight

arcturian gratitude eraoflightWe are the Arcturians, we come to illuminate the path out of the third dimension. We are guides, way show-ers and light bearers. We come with love in our being for humanity and the goddess Gaia. For it is she who inhabits planet earth at this time. A goddess of wonder and beauty, abundance and fertility. Gaia is enraged. She is battling demons from within and without. She is intending

The Seven Rays of Creation

rainbow angel eraoflightdotcomWhy would you care about the spiritual rays? These are the basic reasons:

Everything you do is done with the energy of one or several of the spiritual rays. The entire material world is made from the seven rays.

Every limitation you face is created out of a perversion of one or more of the seven spiritual rays

The Grandmothers: We Need Vessels on Earth

grandmothers speakIn the early morning I came awake suddenly, aware of the great IMPORTANCE of the work we’re doing with the Grandmothers.  How, by sharing their messages and working with the Net of Light, we help one another during these dark times.  Each one of us holding up a light to guide the next one on the path.

Then, somewhere between dreaming and waking, I noticed wind blowing and then blowing