An Astronomer Believes He Spotted Three UFO’s Flying Between Earth And The Moon

et are here eraoflightAn Astronomer Believes He Spotted Three UFO’s Flying Between Earth And The Moon

YouTube has become widely known for featuring countless UFO videos. There are so many videos on YouTube that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

Some of them are hoaxed content created by ‘Video Publishers’ just for revenue, while other videos (much fewer) actually approach the UFO phenomenon from a more scientific point of view.

Now, an amateur astronomer has turned towards YouTube’s online community to try and make sense of three mysterious objects he spotted while observing the Moon from Earth.

The person in charge of uploading the ‘controversial footage’ to YouTube was an amateur astronomer who has a channel called Don’t Stop Motion, who argue he is unsure whether the objects he spotted with his telescope were helium balloons or space junk that he managed to film just as he was exploring Earth’s natural satellite.

Unlike many other videos uploaded to the video-sharing network, the author of this video is just as confused as we are.

The YouTuber wrote:

“So, I was filming the Half moon on Sunday and caught something weird passing in front of it. At 1:18 in, 3 objects cross the moon. I THINK it’s some helium balloons someone must’ve released, but can’t confirm. Anyways, enjoy. Let me know what you think.”
Although he considers that they could have been helium balloons, he has no evidence to support this information.

Obviously, after watching the video footage all sorts of theories have been proposed.

It could have been space junk.

He may have filmed helium balloons.

But also, as some commentators argue, the amateur astronomer may have filmed a crystal-clear video of three disc-shaped UFO’s flying between our planet and the moon.

“They move too fast to be balloons. They have the same speed and the same direction, “say some of the commentators who lay into the UFO explanation.

One of the best comments the video made fun of Musk’s Tesla Roadster traveling the solar system: “3 tires fell off Tesla’s roadster

If you have not seen the footage yet, I invite you to see the clip we shared here below so that you can judge for yourself and tell us what you think the mysterious objects may have been.

Maybe after all, and as many people have claimed, there is without a doubt a great UFO presence on Earth.



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