Lord Buddha: Peace of Mind

buddhaGreetings, I, Lord Buddha, extend my energy to you from my Planetary Logos Ashram on the inner planes where I sit surrounded by my Twelve Buddhas who support my role as overseer of the energies and souls in existence within the Planetary Levels. Together we download energy, light and consciousness from the Cosmic Level through the entire Universe of the Creator into the Planetary Level to distribute to the Earth and all souls upon the Earth. We are currently

The Creators: Get to Know Your Real Partner

the collective“And when you are in what you call the early stages of a relationship with another, there is that getting to know you period when you are in discovery of each other and what each of you brings to the party. Once you have settled in, you tend to think you know the other person, backwards and forwards. You know what makes them tick. You know how to push their buttons