Heavenletters: Set the Table for Life’s Arrival

heavenlettersGod said:

You want new chapters in life to approach you, and yet you may tremble at the thought that new decks of cards in life might shake you up and be too much for you. You want freedom in life, and yet you tremble. Is this sometimes the situation you find yourself in?

I do not house the worries you do. Of course, I have love for you and no worries.

Beloved, Beloved, lean back a moment and look forward to your life as it moves toward you. Why not, My Beloved?

Well, life will arrive regardless of what state it may be in. Life reaches you however it reaches you. Regardless, be a friend to life. Gain a good feeling about your friend called Life and Life’s upcoming visits. Hey, greet life. Look forward to life’s visits today and tomorrow. How you anticipate life’s journey makes a difference. How you set the table for guests before they arrive makes a difference.

I say to yourself: Put on a new hat. I say to greet life as a friend. Certainly, carry the idea that a great friend is coming to visit you to take you on the town.

Beloved, be eager to entertain life as it shows up at your door. Welcome life. Turn your face to life with a smile.

What would you possibly gain by greeting life with a scowl? You are learning to greet life with a hand shake.

If on life’s next visit to you, life arrives tired and hungry and perhaps tousled, you are still to be a courteous host. Remember your manners. There is no debate about your openness and courtesy. Set the table for life’s arrival.

Here’s the thing: Life always arrives. If, from your point of view, life is late or early, crumpled or dressed to the nines, you are to be a genial host. If your guest arrives in rags, just the same, pour life a cup of tea. Just as you do the best you can, life also is doing the best it can. Put your arm around life and cheer life. Life isn’t a one-way street.

You want life to be welcoming to you. Give life a chance. A first appearance isn’t usually the whole story. Be assured that what life may drop off to you is according to schedule. When life delivers you a package that you are thrilled with, give life a good round of applause.

When life delivers a package you are not happy with, give life a tip anyway. Give life a break and not take deliveries so personally. Life has a responsibility to deliver the packages life is assigned to drop off. You already know this. Life doesn’t choose to break your heart. Have a good cry and hug yourself and acknowledge to life itself that tomorrow is another day. It isn’t life’s design to make or break your heart. Life would have been perfectly happy to deliver a magnificent spring bouquet to you if life could.

Make room in your heart today to be glad that the prize bouquets life could have blessed you with today blessed someone else today. Be, as it is said, a good sport.

Your tears will dry, and you will make friends with life once again. You are not obliged to jump for joy. Your heart doesn’t have to put its arms around every delivery. You are not indifferent to life. Life, as it shows up, matters to you deeply, and you go on, and you don’t take life out on life itself.

Beloved, you are not a pretender to the throne. You are the true prince or princess, and you carry on as a truly beautiful prince or princess.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff