The Grandmothers: We Need Vessels on Earth

grandmothers speakIn the early morning I came awake suddenly, aware of the great IMPORTANCE of the work we’re doing with the Grandmothers.  How, by sharing their messages and working with the Net of Light, we help one another during these dark times.  Each one of us holding up a light to guide the next one on the path.

Then, somewhere between dreaming and waking, I noticed wind blowing and then blowing harder.  Something was moving or changing.  Although it was now morning and I was still tucked in my bed in sunny Southern California, the light around me began to fade, becoming darker by the moment.  Visibility grew limited, but when I looked closely at the ground before me I saw there was a pathway there.

Others were with me too, and though the path appeared to be quite rough, I realized that if we could follow the small lights glowing somewhere up ahead of us, we would be able to travel it.  So we began to move forward on the path, softly singing our way upward in the murky twilight.  Then, seemingly by magic, the sun popped out and quickly went down again.  And, in this decidedly odd atmosphere, day and night proceeded to change places with each other.  But still we climbed.  No matter if it was light or dark, for us the impetus was onward and further onward.

Then the Grandmothers showed themselves. They stood on the pathway before us and beckoned,“Come on,” while from down the mountain, in the far distance we heard screaming, shrieking and raucous laughter.  But at the same time, from the direction up the mountain, we were able to make out birdsong and now and then see how the air up there was sparkling with clarity.  We took in a deep breath and plunged onward.

“Keep on sharing our teachings,” the Grandmothers said, “keep on, and when you share with one another, give everything you have.  Share it all!” they commanded. “If you don’t hold back, we will be able to give more and more to you.  So pour out to others from your cup that we may fill it again and again.  We need vessels here on Earth,” they said; “the need is great.  The supply of goodness is also great,” they explained,“but we need vessels to disseminate the good.  BE one of these and encourage others to do the same.  All goodness, all wisdom is given to you to be shared.  Not hoarded away for some future time, the perfecttime,” they pantomimed.  “NO!” they declared.  “THIS is the perfect time.  “Share all,” they said.  “Share On.”



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