Heavenletters: Whose Love Shines in Your Heart?

heavenlettersGod said:

Keep love warm in your heart. No matter how bereft of love you may have felt your whole life long, no matter how much love you were given for a while until a love abandoned you and you wept that your beloved was not your true love, no matter what, you are to stay true to the indwelling love in your heart. You are not to abandon love in your heart nor turn away from it. Love is the essence of all hearts. Love is your very Being. Keep the love in your heart resounding.

What you are to abandon, however, is your presumed ownership of another’s heart. All hearts are free to beat where they will. All those you have loved or do love are yours to release from obligation to love you. I give free will to everyone. You are not to hold another’s heart prisoner. By all means, there is no need for you to hold anyone’s heart under your thumb. Love isn’t deeded to you the way a house is deeded nor is your beloved indebted even to past vows. Another’s love has to fit his own picture frame. Love is to be free with or without your permission.

Even what is called True Love is the love it is when and where it lasts. You can’t order around your own heart, let alone rule another’s. A span of love lasts as long as it lasts. Love is your Being.

Of course, you like love from others to be focused on you. You are to be love and love beyond boundaries. True love is, or it is not. Do not hold on to love as you would a ring. You do not wrap another’s love around your little finger. Love is free, or it is not love. Let your love rise from within your own heart.

Whatever part in life love has played, it doesn’t matter. No one else’s love is yours to possess. Neither is the love in your own heart your possession. Love is not held captive.

Nor do you own your child. He or she is your baby, and you carry your baby in your arms for as long as you do. Sooner or later, you are to let loved ones traipse over to their own paths. Everyone belongs on his own path. You belong to your path. You love feeling loved, of course, yet louder is the love that rises from within your own heart. Love is true. That you love means love exists in your own heart. No one’s love is up for grabs. You may wholeheartedly deserve more love than you have had apportioned to you.

This doesn’t mean that anyone owes you love as you might wish. Love is not a product. It is not a trade-off. Keep your love viable. Claim your love within. You aren’t to divest yourself of all your love and let your love shine forth with or without an equal return. Your object is to love, to love when you are by yourself or in a crowd. Just love. Emanate love the way light shares itself.

You are love shining forth. It is your nature to shine love. Whether you can specify your own love or not, you are love to behold, and you are love to shine forth. You are a circle of love. You do not own even your own love, yet you are the benefactor of your love as well as the beneficiary.

All love is Mine. I ask you to give love away in My Name. Accept My love, and be glad. Beloved, My love is given to you to share here, there, and everywhere. Share My love that beats in your golden heart.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff