Heavenletters: You and the Earth Spin

heavenlettersGod said:

You are at a pivotal time in your life. A turning point. This is always so. The Earth spins, and you spin. What does it mean that you spin? You are set in motion. Your life is whirling, whirling. You are like a centrifuge. We can say you spin and spin. You don’t spin a web. Perhaps it can be said that you exist more as a web unspinning.

You were spun, and now you unwind. You were crocheted, and now the threads you were spun in unwind. You unwind from the past.

I am the Doer. You imagine you are the Doer. You may feel that you are the spinner, yet you are more like the spool unwinding. You release.

This act of unwinding is easy. It is like oiling your joints. You are opening up. You’re not taking steps backwards or forwards.

Ah, let Us say that you are letting go. To detach is a wonderful act of release. No more knots. You see yourself distanced from the past and future as well. Ah, you are free and easy, settled, yet unstrung from attachment that binds. You unknot yourself from bondage.

You have ever been seeking, consciously or unconsciously, to be freed of past thinking and past actions. You may refer to these as karma. Have you not always wanted to be free of the past, for the past has held you back.

Of course, the past may even drag you down. Consider the past as clutter. It gets in your way. By now, the past, as well as the future, are incidental to your true existence. Beloved, you don’t need the approval of your past or future. For practical purposes, the past is made of thoughts you keep. They are irrelevant. They are not you. You are far more than an erstwhile past or an as yet erstwhile unmet future. Future is a carpet that is not as yet rolled out.

You are One with Me as We recline in Eternity. There is One Eternity. We are not really chapters complete or incomplete in Eternity. There is no your Eternity or anyone else’s Eternity.

Now that We come down to it, there is really no you and no anyone else either. There never was. There is nothing that is you or for you to go back to. There is nothing to rue nor anyone to miss.

In this way, what is there to ever mourn about? As it is now, you mourn for a lot. If left up to you, you could wear black every day of the week. You may like to be a fervent mourner with a sad story to tell that has become like an image of yourself you have become fond of and perhaps relish the bouts of sadness and longing.

At one time, widow weeds lent importance to your perceived self. Widow weeds may have made up to you for those barren times when attention on you was shuffled away as though you were not worthy of silks and satins and ribbons and bows.

Of what use is the past to you now? The past led you to the hill from where you stand at present. You don’t have to stay faithful to a path you once tread. The path is once upon a time. Now say: “So long” to the wistful past.

Old scraps from the past, sooner or later, will be swept away. Nevertheless, all the past is hung up somewhere even as the truth is that nothing is anywhere. Where doesn’t exist except in reverie any more than time actually exists on a square on a calendar.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff