Spirit of the Panther

animal kingdomThe panther spirit animal is powerful and protective. The panther symbolizes courage, valor and power. If the panther is your power animal, you are blessed with a fierce guardian. The panther is the symbol of the mother, the dark moon and the power of the night. This totem animal encourages us to understand the power within the shadows and to acknowledge these powers to help eliminate our fear of the dark and unknown.

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What is the meaning of the panther spirit animal?

Common symbolism for the panther is…

Astral travel
Guardian energy
Symbol of the feminine
Death and rebirth
Understanding of death
Reclaiming your power
Ability to know the dark
Aggressiveness and power

Individuals who have this animal totem, are highly intuitive and artistically inclined. If panther has appeared in your life, it is time to release your passions, live your dreams, discover your desires and begin a new chapter in your life. This spirit animal welcomes you to expand your awareness, eliminate fears and become a whole new person as you are guided and protected.

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Panther spirit animal, symbol of death and rebirth

As an ancient and powerful spirit guide, the panther signifies darkness, death and rebirth. This totem is the symbol of power, beauty and grace. If the panther has showed up, it invites you to befriend the night and work through your fears. Remember that from death, we are reborn.

Panthers are comfortable keeping to themselves and find themselves connecting with other solitary individuals. Panther listens closely, but only shares just enough information to keep curious minds content. Women who have this power animal often find that they raise their children alone either because of divorce or another circumstance.

Often panther will enter you life to help you awaken your inner passions, unbridle expressions and tap into suppressed talents. It is a signal to reclaim your power often after a period of pain, suffering and death on some level. This could mean that an old issue may finally be resolving, old wounds may begin to heal. Once this healing takes place, reclaiming your power is possible.

Panther spirit animal and astral travel

Panther medicine gives a broader vision and deeper vision spiritually beyond the physical realm. This enhanced perspective allows individuals to see things from a distance or through close examination.

Clairaudience, the ability to hear communications from other forms of life and dimensions may develop. If panther is showing up then you should trust your thoughts, inner voice and the messages that are showing up in your life.

Panther will assist you on your path sometimes in the form as a mentor or teacher. Panther medicine holds the secrets of worlds that are unseen and linked with lunar energy. The darkness of night holds the truth of creation.

Panther spirit animal represents the feminine

Just as the feminine, the panther has acute sensitivity. The hairs on their body allows them to pick up subtitle vibrations. This is important as it indicates the need to pay attention to feelings and the messages that arise from these feelings. Touch is significant to your path to help awaken your concealed gifts. The panther’s smooth and sensual coat is connected with sexuality. It may be time for your to resolve old sexual issues and embrace your sexuality fully.

Reflective Questions

It is time to pay attention to the strength of your inner being, internal fortitude, spiritual strength and valor. Consider your darker side, analyze and determine your motivations.

What does my Shadow Self want me to know?
Are my current passions helping or hindering me?
Am I on the right spiritual path for myself?
Do I have latent desires I am suppressing?

Is placing other’s needs before my own to the point of where I am neglecting my own needs?

Am I mindful of my emotional and physical movements?
Am I defensive? Who, what and why am I being protective?

Dreaming About The Panther

While some interpretations of the panther interpret it as a symbol of an enemy, the panther is also a symbol of the protector. Panther can be a powerful ally that can protect you in the dream realms.

Panther embodies not only power, strength and courage, but grace and beauty as well. The panther may be reminding you to find and check in with these qualities yourself. If you are a woman, panther may be reminding you that you do indeed posses the characteristics as panther herself is often a symbol of the feminine. Can you embody beauty and grace at the same time as strength, power and courage?

Panther Affirmation

“Panther, let me know your silent wisdom. As my perception expands, I will find a wealth of insight awaits me.”