Sananda: Gaia is About to Take Off

sanandaGreetings friends! I am your Sananda, here tonight looking down upon you all from the bridge of my ship, the New Jerusalem, overlooking your progress, and it is great and grand, my friends. The swamp is being drained, the minions collected and the darkness is being returned to the light. Shine your lights a bit brighter friends, in the coming days when truths begin to come out that are exquisitely painful and may place many a doubt on manys’ faith and previous understandings. It is time to shine your light brightly, to love deeply and securely and to fasten your seatbelt as Gaia is about to take off and zoom up, up and away! It is true. Embrace this newness, this new energy of change and of hope and promise for yourselves, and for your brothers and your sisters, human family. It is time to make a real difference tangibly with all those who are around you. And how do you ask we might do this?

Love. Love exquisitely. Love profoundly. Love deeply. Listen well. Be there. Be strong, rest in me and I will guide you. I will l be there for you and with you, ever guiding and supporting as the spiritual bother that I am. I am always available should your load become too heavy. I will help make your burden light. We are a team. We are one. I am your Sananda, your brother in the Christ light, your friend, here to tell you that you are doing it and that we, the Company of Heaven are so grateful for your service, so thankful for your participation in this grand project. Currently you are on Project Clean-Up Earth and assisting her on so many levels to ascend with grace and with ease. It has not been graceful or easy for anyone reading these words or listening to them. We know this, we see this, and we appreciate your service to the All.

I am your Sananda. I love you ever so much.



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