Love Expands; June 2018

light spiral gate eraoflightHi my friend,

May brought us so many changes. June is going to give us the opportunity to rest and catch our breath, before the energies pick up again during the eclipse and multi-retrograde season later on in the summer. The first week of June will offer us the opportunity to think outside the box, and to focus on expanding our consciousness in ways that we might not have thought of before.

This is an excellent time to write down any ideas and inspirations you might receive. They will serve as golden gems that help you navigate through the next few highly energetic months, beginning in July.

Clear Communication

The first part of June will also ask us to get clear on how we communicate with others. This will be a great time to check in to see if we’re expressing ourselves fully, honestly, and freely.

Many empaths find it a challenge to fully express themselves in a way that feels authentic to their true self. The reason being, empaths are usually natural diplomats, who desire to create peace and harmony in their surroundings.

Empaths are also very honorable people who desire to speak what they feel is the truth. This truth is often very “matter of fact,” with little or no room for misinterpretation.

Although having this trait is a gift, those who are not empathic can also find it very hard to be on the receiving end of this truth-speaking.

So that when an empath does speak their truth, their words are often met with great resistance.

This leads empaths to believe that speaking their truth is something that hurts or takes something away from others.

As a result, they begin to censor and hold themselves back from speaking their truth.

Yet we are in a time now when censoring and holding ourselves back are becoming much more challenging than having to deal with any resistance we might encounter when speaking our truth.

The first part of June is going to offer us celestial alignments that help us address any parts of ourselves that we have been holding back and censoring, so that we can speak our truth openly and freely again.

We did not come to this planet to sit on the sidelines and let ourselves dim our own light.

We came here to expand the Universe through our Soul’s presence, gifts, truth, talents, and energy, whether it be in our relationships, career, or anything in between … and June will nudge us to express ourselves in ways that feel most authentic to who we are at our core.

Creative Flow

By the middle of June, the energies will be ripe for allowing our creativity to flow in a direction that feels expansive and productive.

This will be a great time to change up our routine—to try something new that inspires us creatively.

Things like going to a concert, an art gallery, a museum, the beach, the park, taking a trip, or doing anything that activates our curiosity in a new way, will help to awaken our own personal creative flow in awesome ways.

This will also be an excellent time to take a new class or workshop, or to read a new book on a topic that’s always intrigued us.

The overall theme for the middle of June is to align ourselves with the people, places, and experiences that inspire us, in ways that awaken our own creative spark.

Doing this will allow us to channel our creative energy in a direction that feels productive, as our intuition guides us to.

Channeling our creative energy in a direction that is productive requires us to make self-love and compassion a top priority in our lives.

As a society, we have been conditioned to believe that self-love is egoic and narcissistic. This was initially done through structures and organizations to make the collective mind believe it is separate from its true nature, which is Spirit/Source energy.

When the mind forgets that we are Spirit first, it gives its power away, and starts to conform.

This usually leaves us feeling insecure and stuck, living in fear and in lack. These are survival-based energies that cause the eventual breakdown of physical, emotional, mental, and financial well-being.

For a long time now, we have been releasing layers of this type of old conditioning that we once believed, and that held us back from making self-love a top priority in our lives.

However, many people still don’t know how to make self-love a priority.

Self-love is just another term for “self-acknowledgment.”

When we love ourselves exactly as we are, without trying to fix or get rid of any part of ourselves, we are acknowledging God/Source/Spirit energy.

By loving ourselves fully, we are saying to Spirit, “You are perfect, and know exactly what you’re doing (which of course it does!).”

This is the greatest form of honor and respect we can show to God/Source/Spirit energy.

So how do we love ourselves? There are many ways. Here are just a few:

  • Aligning with the people, places, and experiences that inspire, expand, and uplift us
  • Having compassion for all parts of ourselves that we once wanted to fix or get rid of—including all the thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves, even the unkind ones
  • Releasing the need to move quickly to a destination—enjoying the simple things in life, such as stopping to smell the flowers, or enjoying a beautiful sunset
  • Pampering and treating ourselves often
  • Releasing the need to be a people-pleaser, and letting go of needing to be validated by others
  • Allowing ourselves to shine brightly
  • Doing less, and being more—rather than forcing/making things happen, creating times in our day that allow us to rest and be at ease, so that higher thoughts and wisdom can come through for us to take action on later
  • Creating a list of all things that inspire joy in our lives, and doing at least one or more of these things daily, with the intention that this is us choosing to love ourselves
  • Meditating
  • Eating foods that nourish and give us life, rather than those that make us feel heavy and tired
  • Expressing gratitude to Spirit often, for all the blessings we see and experience daily

Self-love is the most important ingredient for allowing our creative flow to move us in a direction that feels expansive and life-affirming to us.

The success we experience in our relationship, career, and overall well-being is a direct result of the amount of self-love we have for ourselves.

If you’re feeling stuck, the answer is self-love. If you’re feeling unappreciated, the answer is self-love. Self-love takes care of everything!

The Solstice Doorway and More

On June 21, we will move through the summer solstice doorway.

A solstice represents a time of great completion and new beginnings. Whatever we are ready to resolve and let go of, this is the time to do it, so that we are ready to enter the next phase of our journey feeling refreshed and renewed.

This solstice is also anchoring large amounts of light from the Sun into our planet, which will create another quantum leap forward in our personal consciousness, and in the collective.

It’s going to act as the seed that will spark quite an exciting and highly active time of healing and transformation for the next few months, beginning in July.

What are you ready to step into? What are you willing to leave behind, so that you can create more room for your desired reality? Now is time the time to ask these types of questions, and to make the necessary adjustments to move ourselves forward into greater love.

A solstice also has the ability to bring into fruition our deepest and most authentic desires for ourselves and for the world around us.

One reason for this, is that millions of people around the world are using this special opening to create a Cosmic Unified Love Field that you can instantly connect with through desired willingness, intent, prayer, or meditation.

If you’d like to connect with this Unified Love Field, just take a few moments today and tomorrow, close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and simply affirm to yourself that you are choosing to love yourself, others, and the world around you.

Then visualize a beautiful blanket of emerald green light gently covering the entire planet.

This will activate greater peace, love, and joy within you. It will also bring you into a state of grace that opens you up to manifesting your desires into reality.

Towards the end of June, we’ll see our heart-minds shift into being more seriously focused on our passions.

However, it’s important to not get so wrapped up in one specific thing that we forget to water our whole garden, which includes those we are in relationships with, such as friends, family, or partner.

As long as we are taking care of ourselves, and spending time to have fun and let loose daily, any hiccups that may come up as a result of being too serious and focused on our passions will resolve quickly and with ease.

As always, it’s such a gift for me to have the opportunity to connect with you in this way.

If you enjoy these forecasts, please share them with anyone you love and care about.

With so much love,

Miraculously yours,




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