Elthor the Dragon: We See You

dragon whiteI am Elthor the dragon. We dragons speak tonight and will continue to speak humanity. For our time of silence is long past and we are eager to connect with our human friends again. As you ascend into love, time shifts and bends and breaks and suddenly, there you are! All becomes the now, a long yet timeless breath of experience that envelops and wraps you in love and light and provides the experiences that you command. For you are your own creator, are you not? It is time for humanity to wake up and see all that they are, all that they have been and that the reality that you have been tricked into experiencing is nothing but a hologram of illusions, of heartbreak and control.

This is past! I am Elthor and I speak on behalf of the Dragons tonight. We see you. We see humanity’s heart spaces and third eyes expanding and growing and blossoming like the lotus blossom and it frankly fills us with a bit of relief for although it was prophesied that this day indeed would come for the human collective, it has been a bit rocky to say the least. But that does not mean anything except you are providing an enthralling story of triumph for yourselves that the entire universe is reading and watching play out in your sector of creation.

The universe is vast, magnificent! We dragons love to chase the comets and fly fast and hard through dimensions, through portals and around any obstacle that tries to get in our way. For we love to soar fast and free, eager to delight in creation and share our knowledge of it with the others, with the kingdoms and realms that we are assigned to assist. We all have our roles. I Elthor the dragon am here assigned to this one, assigned to our precious ascending ones on Gaia. She has been hesitant to contact me for a bit. You are all growing in your own ways fast and furiously. She wanted to be sure that I was completely free of any reptilian energies. Of course some dragons have gone dark. Just like some humans. That is the way of choice, of experience. Most of us are of the light of the breath of Creator and it is our privilege to serve, always to be in service of humanity, but we have been tucked just out of your sight, of your appreciation of us, which has been appropriate for your energetic vibration and station! But now things are changing quickly! You are rising inch by inch, some days faster than other days, as your are continually processing these new energies from the Central Sun of the breath of the mother.

Would you like to come with me on a bit of a dragon’s journey and escape for a bit? I love adventures, do you? I know that you do, for you are in the hot spot of activity in this realm, and perching on an ascending planet no less! Anchor to the crystal core of the New Earth and send Gaia your love and support, and your blessing. Are you grounded? Breathe it in. Connect this grounding cord of silver light to her crystalline grid of Nova Gaia and look at your hands and your feet. See them morph into your dragon form and fly with me!

Where would you like to go? What would you like to see? The crystalline rivers of love light? The fairies dancing on the mist of the dawn? The dew drop fairies creating fractals within the water droplet of every petal of every flower, iridescent and brilliant each in their own right? I am partial to comets and waterfalls. Soar up with me now. Your dragon wings beat fast and hard, and you feel the undercurrents, the lift, the thrill of the speed. You are warm, the cool air doesn’t bother you in the slightest and your eyesight is keener than any you have ever experienced within your earthen body of clay. No, for we dragons see with our heart minds as well as our keen eyes. We see, we hear exquisitely well, which is why we were excellent companions, which is why you are still looking for us, many of you.

See, you have found us! And we rush, through wormholes of ribbon light, and as we glide through we look to the left and right and see parallels of you and me dancing and laughing and free, for the universe is endless in experiences of choice, of experience. You see a comet flash by and it is brilliant, and you hear it singing its heart song and you feel its energetic codes bless you as it zips by. And now we see a verdant green realm of rolling hills with jagged peaks in the distance. This is our home. You see the endless waterfalls that seem to float as if from nothing. We live at the top on the rocky peaks.

Can you see how astonishingly beautiful this is? Do you know you can visit us here at any time? Do you know that we have missed you and this connection just as much as you have missed us? Creator is all. Creator is in all things. Stop and smell the green, the mist. Feel the hard rocky boulders that you are perched effortlessly on with your nimble dragon feet. You are massive. Do you see yet that all of this is just a thought, a meditation away? You are multidimensional beings. It is time that you remember your innate power and gifts. The dark has long tricked you into giving it up and away to them. It is time to rise humanity and to take it back. You are gods and goddesses.

Linger and dip in the healing waters as the base of the waterfall and be soothed and comforted. Linger as long as you like. Are you ready now? We fly back, through the wormholes of space time back to Gaia and behold she is shining a brilliant sparkling iridescent blue green that takes your breath away. She is the jewel of the multiverse. What a privilege to be living upon her. It is time humanity to take care of her with loving service and utter devotion again. I am your Elthor. Be at peace. Come and enjoy your dragon form with me whenever you like. I am always here in service. I am Elthor the dragon.
» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl