Release Fear to Experience Magic

Woman praying and free bird enjoying nature on sunset background, hope conceptRelease the fear. It sounds easy, it’s ridiculously hard to do. Fear layers itself around our chakras, our organs, our aura, like an onion. It deadens the vibrations of our beating hearts. Freezes our systems. Paralyses us emotionally and stunts our energetic evolution. We evolve as soon as we release fear from our being. The matrix conditions fear into us. Fear of death, god, angels and demons, illness, loss, war and poverty. Rejection and retribution, scandal and sorcery. The architects of the matrix know they must keep us in low vibratory fields if their deception is going to work. When we raise our vibration the masks slip, the darkness cracks, light floods into our being. We shed our matrix avatar. We transform, inner to outer. Upgrades kick in. We come online with higher wavelengths of emotional frequencies.

Fear is heavy, dense, low wavelengths. It lowers the vibration of our systems at a cellular level. Fear is used to keep people’s vibratory field lowered, trapped in the third dimension longer than we should be. Horror films targeted at teenagers aren’t just silly frights for silly kids. They are programming tools. Fear of the unknown, monsters, demons and so on. Organised religion works in a similar way. We are given rules, parameters of behaviour and thought, with dire consequences if we break them. Our minds fixate on imagery. We are vulnerable to mind games, strategies that programme us without our knowing. To be in fear frequency is to be inside our heads. It is to be as far away from the present moment as possible. Stress and anxiety compound fear, lock it down into our chakras, our heart beat, our mind set. We forget how to let go and trust the universe. We stop communicating with ascended beings who can offer us protection and guidance. We tie ourselves up with guilt, shame, misery and depression, neglecting our mind body soul health.

There is sensory resonance, algorithms to fear, that can be triggered. To break this synaptic conditioning we retrain our brain, we raise our awareness of the symptoms and signs of fear. We recognise it, we acknowledge it and we let it go. Fear is a waste of energy. We can be cautious, canny and careful without being fearful. We cultivate stillness so we can hear our energy. We learn to trust our feelings beyond what we are told or see. We stop fear when it comes knocking. We breathe out anxiety. We release all we can in the face of tremors, trials and terrors. We become energetically street wise. We protect ourselves daily with mantras, crystals, ritual and meditation. We tune into our higher self for guidance with self care and self love. By releasing fear layer by layer we lighten our energetic beings. We create space for love frequencies. We excavate the roots and plant seeds of love in its place.

Ancestral karma has to be peeled back, it holds dense fear in its energies. Negative behaviour patterns plaguing family lines broken, finally. The darkness, brewed by centuries of karmic lockdown on a prison planet, has caused deep rooted cruelty, neglect and decay. Breaking free from expectation limiting creative expression, is not always an option physically. We can break away energetically, emotionally. We can cultivate self knowledge. Our families, colleagues, neighbours can be the loudest mouthpiece for the matrix. It is often they who judge and criticise us for being who we truly are. Tread carefully friends. Seek independence. Stay street wise. Remove ancestral layers in talk therapy, exercise, creativity and meditation. Seek to assert your sovereignty calmly. Recognise people’s limitations. Lower your expectations, this protects from disappointment and vulnerability. Be compassionate. Breathe.

As the layers come off we get to our true selves. Our mind body spirit being. Our physical, mental and spiritual health. We clear blocks, loosen and let go of fear from each chakra. Our energetic flow increases, our consciousness expands. Root to crown we release fear by consciously changing what and who we interact with, and how we process our environment. We centre our core. We open our mind to the reassurance of a quantum multiverse. We focus on establishing strong, easy flow of energy throughout our system. Those stuck on the human hamster wheel of the earth matrix, have been short changed. This awakening is about freeing those souls from a prison they don’t know they are in. Realigning a planet and her people in fifth dimension light. Balance, core strength, agility, an open mind and expansive heart come from resetting our cellular frequency to love.

All of this is occurring on the material plane. We wake up to manipulation, lies and deceit. Who can we trust? We trust the universe. We trust source. We trust our higher self. We trust our angels. We trust our gut. We trust energy. Gratitude, compassion and creativity ground our beings into higher dimensional realities. Magic is high frequency. Magic is found in nature, in creativity, in love vibration. Look for the magic, recognise the fear and release it. Lighten your load cosmic surfers. There is magic everywhere, in our hearts, our lives, our world. Raise your frequencies and embrace the miracles, mysteries and mysticism of this incredible time. Spend time with gratitude. Hang out with solitude. Relax in zen meditation. Reflect and rest. Energy will go where intention flows. Open your heart to love frequencies cosmic surfers. Namaste.



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