Mars Meets South Node in Aquarius

astrology7 eraoflightIn Western Tropical astrology the South Node of the Moon represents patterns and behaviours from the past that are familiar and safe. What we want to transform and release are those patterns that block us from moving forward into the new represented by the North Node. Since May of 2017 the transiting North Node has been in Leo (creation energy and the compassionate heart) and the transiting South Node has been in Aquarius (letting go with Love). Both astrological signs have a lot to do with taming THE EGO’S NEED TO HAVE CONTROL. I have learned “control” is the biggest illusion of all. So for the next few months Warrior Mars travelling with the South Node is going to support us to let go of that illusion and then be guided by the wisdom of the Cosmos to create a new way. He is the planet of assertive positive action. His shadow side in Aquarius is aggressive and chaotic actions.

The highest expression of Mars travelling with the South Node in Aquarius is to remind us we are all children of the Universe and Great Mystery no matter our tribal origins. We all know currently EGO runs the world. The Earth Mother is protesting vehemently right now. She is tired of human unconsciousness and selfishness. So Mars is hopefully going to help us change and become cosmically conscious. He is closer to Earth this summer than he has been since 2003. His influence is potent. He is the natural ruler of Aries, new inspired beginnings. Currently Chiron is in Aries (healing wounds of rejection and fear of abandonment). The dates following below for the Uranus/Mars square are also when Mars will be sextile Chiron (easy opportunities for healing). Also each month when the Moon visits Aries we all have the opportunity to create those new beginnings with help from Mars. (Moon in Aries- June 07 to 10- July 05 to 07- Aug 01 to 03- Aug 28 to 30- Sept 24 to 27. All dates are based on Eastern Daylight time).

The Martian effect already began when Uranus in Taurus (true values and breakthrough) first squared Mars newly into Aquarius (cosmic connection) on May 16. As we have mentioned in previous posts this is a Fourth Quarter Square, revision and realignment of what is of true value. This square repeats exactly Aug 01 and Sept 18 but the influence will be felt until Sept 22. Now we add Mars travelling with the South Node (releasing the past that keeps us stuck) to the mix. Here are the dates for Mar/South Node in Aquarius.

June 04 to 11- Mars in direct motion travelling with the South Node in Aquarius- Exact conjunction South Node 07 Aquarius on June 08- identifying what blocks us from connecting with Cosmic Consciousness and Guidance. Preparing to transform and release the blocks.

July 16 to 24- Mars in retrograde motion travelling with the South Node- Exact conjunction South Node 05 Aquarius on July 20- identifying what action to take at the deepest level of being to be a Wayshower for Loving Kindness.

Sept 24 to 29- Mars in direct motion travelling with the South Node in Aquarius- Exact conjunction South Node 04 Aquarius on Sept 26- break free and breakthrough to the new

You will notice a gap between July and Sept. So what is going on in August you might be asking? On June 26 Mars turns retrograde at 09 degrees Aquarius and backtracks into 29 degrees Capricorn Aug 12. He turns direct at 28 degrees Capricorn on Aug 27 and then re-enters Aquarius on Sept 10. Mars in Capricorn is repeating whatever was happening May 11 to 16. Capricorn is a symbol for society. If I recall correctly things were very unpredictable. But that was just before the Uranus/Mars square and the Uranus message is “expect the unexpected”. Uranus in fact is the ruler of the Mars/South Node in Aquarius journey so from now until Sept events most likely will be “unexpected”. On a personal level you may find friends and acquaintances (Aquarius) from the past (South Node) re-entering your life. The theme will be to complete lessons with those individuals that are still unresolved. Aquarius is letting go with love. Saturn currently in Capricorn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius (before Uranus was sighted in 1781 and given rulership over the sign of friends). Saturn is considered the planet of Karma. When Mars re-enters Capricorn (as noted above) Saturn in Capricorn will play a prominent part as he is the ruler of Capricorn. World events will be center stage. Double whammy!!!

I always like to include the Animal Totem allies who are working with us. For the North Node in Leo (the path of the compassionate heart) Salmon, courage and perseverance to create the new, is our guide. For the South Node and Mars in Aquarius (letting go with Love) it is Otter, companionship and joyful sharing. (They are reversed for the Southern Hemisphere). For all of us the Clan Mother is She Who Heals for the Leo North Node. She teaches us how to forgive ourselves and others and how to Love the Truth. For Mars and the South Node in Aquarius the Clan Mother is Wisdom Keeper. She is the guardian of friendship, planetary unity, and mutual understanding. She teaches us how to Honor the Truth. Their stories can be found in the 13 Original Clan Mothers by Jamie Sams.

Whatever you are experiencing this week activates the theme for the next 3 months. It will be an intense but exciting time (we also have three Eclipses ahead). The theme for Leo/Aquarius is courage of your convictions, discovering your inner strength, courage to be yourself, and connecting to the Guidance from Source.

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» Source » Astrooger: Dale Osadchuk