What’s Coming … is Relative to Each’s ENERGY…

thebluerayA beyond powerful day yesterday, beautiful energies and soooo much aligning easily, simply and purely… Today, awoke to StarGates aligning/synchronizing constantly and continuously, on like Day 5 of this… which is powerful within itself, because of what it means for REALity….. for each.

Crystalline Grids strongly charging up, lots of movement and cosmic activity….. which correlates to each’s REALity differently, based upon INNER-CONNECTION and who LlVES and inner-acts from our space of REMEMBRANCE and who still holds DUALITY as their inner reality to play out in their external…..

Today is a Cosmic Trigger… and the Cosmic Rays (Radiation)/SOULar Expansion is off the charts with DNA recoding a prominent daily activity, all being moved/pushed/floating into a much higher/LIGHT’r density of “Earth”…..

As we prepare to move through this NOW PASSAGEWAY… through the Solstice Week, which takes each deeper inside and it’s to further let go of everything not able to fully align/not already aligned, dissolve everything of your own EGO Separation Programming WITHIN and come together, work together, support each other AS THE LIGHT BEINGS YOU ARE here….

As we move into dominant SIRAN/LYRAN ENERGIES, these are the NO BS Energies (BS = Belief Systems or Bullchit)…. these are “in your face” (if you are human), they DEMAND each work through their own stuff and STEP UP….. These are game changers and don’t play ego games…..


YOU have to CHECK YOURSELF…. you have to govern yourself, you have to… yes, I’m using the words ‘have to’, because when it comes to FULL CONSCIOUSNESS or UNCONSCIOUSNESS… you do have to make a choice, or experience whatever you get…. you don’t get a conscious choice until you snap into/come into/jolt into/are shaken into consciousness……

These COSMIC ENERGIES that are going to continue to INCREASE and ACCELERATE…. these go straight for the programs, straight into your DNA, straight for whatever you HOLD AS YOUR TRUTH… and if LOVE…. I mean the PUREST FORM OF LOVE is where you FUNCTION FROM…. in every moment, in every exchange, with your own BEHAVIOR, how you treat yourselves and each other… then your realities will be very different than if YOU keep holding out and playing in the unconscious/separation/duality games….

FULL CONSCIOUSNESS is PURE POWER… yet in a very different way than the human reality was…. this POWER is your KNOWING and your ability to anchor the absolute highest dimensional timelines and realities into your own physical one. It means observing yourself, your entire reality, your whole life and seeing where you are still unconscious (heart/mind closed), seeing where you are not WIDE OPEN and living in kindness, respect, integrity (on a SOUL Level) and where you keep ALLOWING or PROJECTING unconsciousness to play out in your own reality world to experience….

NEW EARTHER’S won’t play in unconscious anything… because we don’t have to anymore… because we don’t hold the program inside, so when it APPEARS in our reality, we are very aware it’s not ours and we call out UNCONSCIOUSNESS and we DEAL….

LOVE IS WHO YOU ARE… AT YOUR CORE… YOUR DIVINE ESSENCE and when you forget this, you go to sleep… you step out of your own power and you revert back to an unconscious human, living from duality/separation/lack again…..

EVERYTHING IS A GIFT AND OPPORTUNITY…. if we see it this way, if we truly appreciate all and we maintain a PLACE/SPACE of RESPECT…. we learn to share, we learn to gift, we learn to reciprocate, we learn to open up and SHOW THAT WE TRULY CARE……

If we are not ready… then that’s on us…. we determine the actual experiences we have here…. If our ego is in charge, then we are creating a timeline/reality that is going to collapse/dissolve, because it already has…. yet we are still trying to make it real/reality still…..

THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR ENTIRE REALITY must be one of PURE LOVE…. love for yourself and each other….. You are the one that must RECOGNIZE OLD PROGRAMS and you are the one RESPONSIBLE for whether they play out/you allow them to continue to play out in your reality/world…..

WHAT’S COMING…. is RELATIVE TO HOW OPEN YOU ARE…. how on-board you are, how ready you are…. how truly connected you are, in every way….. or how shut down/protection mode/fear mode/blame/victim mode your ego still plays…..

What’s coming is a RETURN… to you… based upon how you live your life, how you treat yourself/each other, how OPEN YOU ARE…..

In my early days, after clearing my own heavy duty unconscious programming and extreme distortions… the words were to “clean my own yard/house up”, get my own stuff together and stop the BS, straighten up”…. and I did. I play the distortions out until CLARITY could finally emerge from within me, so that I could finally see…..

It was a long haul out of unconsciousness… a rough ride to dissolve my own ego/duality and RETURN to an existence that I forgot (as a human didn’t know existed) and that I FOUGHT with every particle of me until I got tired of fighting, doing without, being drug through it all…. and I was willing to dissolve my own ego myself….. and open my heart to MY SELF, so that my own SOUL could EMERGE from within me…. which started a whole new journey of Physical Body Ascension and Multi-Dimensionality and the immensity of MAGIC, HAPPINESS AND A LEVEL OF PURITY that is beyond human words……

Death of our ego/separation… is not easy by any means. It will push us to the brink of everything… UNTIL WE ARE READY TO STOP….. until we are ready to OPEN OUR HEARTS FULLY and let our own protection mechanisms and RESISTANCE TO ASCENDING go…..

This next phase…. is going to SHOW EACH exactly what they need to SEE, RETURN experiences based upon what each Consciously/Unconsciously TRANSMITS OUT into the world/ethers/all dimensions and it’s to RECTIFY all that each’s has not brought into higher consciousness yet….

YOU are the one Responsible for bringing your own realities into a much higher state, to expand beyond your own human/ego stuff and REMEMBER WHY YOU ARE HERE….

YOU are the one that functions from a fully connected or disconnected space… and this space (ZERO POINT) determines EVERY REALITY that you experience here……

YOUR ENERGY is what creates, calls forth and allows….. the physical is just a vibrational response…. you own it as your own Highest Selves or it own’s you.

Someone asked about physical abundance yesterday, not understanding that ABUNDANCE is ENERGY, it’s our connection, it’s a response to how we show up each day, the UNITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS that we live from and it’s in everything, every breath, everything we connect with, therefore abundance is always present, when this is where we LIVE inside, the external is a vibrational response to this…. It’s a response to our open sharing, sharing our gifts/abilities/knowledge and the “things” that we have too….. Old Earth Abundance and NEW Earth Abundance are ACHIEVED in opposite ways….. WE do not focus on “things”, we focus on what we came here to be and do, how open we are, how much we share, how much we care, how much we contribute, how we make a difference in each’s lives that we have the CAPABILITY TO TOUCH AS LOVE…… Physical abundance is a REFLECTION….. where all is fully aligned from re-creating ourselves as PURE SOURCE LOVE and in accordance to how we hold all to full/highest alignment in every way….

NEW EARTH IS LIVING FROM AN AN OVER ABUNDANT PLACE INSIDE …. and realizing that there is MORE THAN ENOUGH for us all…. old earth is “self first/selfish/greedy and never happy, never enough and “that is mine”… mentalities… where the heart closes when it comes to sharing/contributing and utilizing every reSOURCE to benefit all of HUmanity….. Human aspects “keep for themselves”…. WE SHARE… constantly, continuously… yet we don’t play in the dis-empowering lack games anymore…. we PROVIDE opportUNITY for each to consciously CHOOSE, just like we all had to…… and still do. ♥

Let go of your JUDGEMENTS…. they are an excuse not to focus on yourself and your own actions and what you are actually DOING…. they are your lower vibrational ego self. Once you have awareness, then you have a choice…. act from love, respect and integrity and step up IN YOUR OWN CURRENT REALITY or keep fighting yourself/SOUL inside… which is a “game” that the human ego eventually “loses” (not really, but need to make a point)….. The BATTLE is yours…. it’s your separation, your unconsciousness….WE ARE NOT IN A BATTLE ANYMORE…. THAT IS ALL EGO… and a disempowered state (not love).

THE MOST AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL REALITIES ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE, yet they do require that you choose….. you have to decide which VERSION OF EARTH you are going to live on… from within…… ♥

I love you. Get ready. This can be the most amazing experience or one of challenges (which are just for your ego too). You challenge your own self and dissolve those programs within you, resolve all into love and unity from within, so that YOU CAN SHOW UP and BE YOUR BRIGHTEST LIGHT for all of HUmanity here. It starts in your own little reality and grows from there…… ♥

TUNE INTO THE ENERGY OF ALL… this is where all is clear/makes sense…. ♫

And sleep, rest, move your body/energy, honor your body as it works HARD on a cellular/atomic/DNA level to reconfigure, re-calibrate, recode and reprogram your entire reality FOR YOU!

Our exchanges are beyond exquisite and beautiful, because we’ve done the inner work and we are able to COME TOGETHER for all to fulfill their own highest purposes and contribute, create, inspire, support and PULL OUR OWN WEIGHT…. as Light BEings here to make a difference as LOVE. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



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