The Collective, A Higher Dimensional Source Speaks About The Stolen Children

ascended masters eraoflightDear Ones,

I want to share with you a special message from the Collective regarding the kidnapping and incarceration of 11,200 infants and children, at last count, by USA Border Patrol and Immigration. You have probably heard that they are being jailed in detention facilities, held in concrete-floor, wire-ceilinged, dog-kennel-type cells, with no information given to either parents or children where the other is being detained.

Siblings are often separated. Military bases will be used soon for the overflow, unless this is stopped.

US Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon was first denied entrance to a facility in Brownsville, Texas on Sunday, though his staff had scheduled the visit a week beforehand.

He spoke movingly to an MSNBC host about what he saw once he and his staff were finally allowed into a facility in McAllen, Texas — after their smartphones (cameras) were taken from them by facility staff.

A number of you have written to me in great distress, which I also feel, regarding this situation, which the Director of the United Nations has called a human rights violation.

This situation needs our prayers, visualizations of Peace, protection for the children, and restoration of all to their families. It needs the most Light and Love we can give it.

I ask that at 4:00 PM today (in your time zone), or whenever you can manage it, image this entire situation encircled by the Archangels and Angelic legions.

Fill it with higher Light, lifting it into the frequencies of Divine Peace, Divine Justice, and Divine Protection.

Please then extend that same Light and higher vibrations to every child everywhere who is being detained, trafficked, or abused in any way.

Our Light can extend that far. It’s one of the things we came here for.

The Message from the Collective below explains the mission of these children, powerful souls who have come to the planet at the highest level of service.

Blessings of Peace to All,
Caroline Oceana Ryan


JUNE 6, 2018

COR: Dear ones, what is happening, that thousands children have been stolen from their parents, under order of the White House, Immigration, and the Justice Department?

Are these children being trafficked? Will they be returned to their families safely?

Who will assist in healing their trauma from this terrifying experience?

I know that kidnapping and child trafficking have gone on for thousands of years. But this particular situation seems to be all the more poignant and unthinkable.

Even those parents who are applying legally for asylum in the United States are having their children taken from them, and given no information on where their children are being sent.

Many Lightworkers are very distressed. We need your insights on this.

The Collective: Dear ones, your prayers are reaching to the highest realms, and with millions of others’ pleas, are being heard and answered.

These are not children, as you have known them.

These are special Emissaries of Light, come to anchor the higher frequencies of Divine Light, and the cleansing and renewing properties of their own soul group, into a system which has long stolen, traumatized, and trafficked children.

And so you see this as a heinous crime, which it most assuredly is, on the third dimensional level.

Yet we ask that you view the overall situation from the higher perspective of those who work to release those energies which have for so long been embedded into the Earth—those lower frequencies that anchored violence and exploitation of every kind, presenting them as normal occurrences for 3D life.

What is occurring now is that these children and their families, far from being abandoned, are working etherically with Light Beings, Galactics, Archangels, and legions of Angelics, to release the presence and  effects of these lower frequencies from the Earth.

We assure you that in their truest form, these children are not weak, and are not small.

Their bodies, hearts, and minds will be healed of the rigors of this journey, in perfect time and way.

They are not abandoned, nor are any of you.

And so release the need to feel the helplessness so many are experiencing now.

For you cannot carry despair and hopelessness, and still maintain the frequency of rebirth and renewal that the Earth is experiencing now.

Allow yourself to bless and love and care for these children, sending them healing and comforting Light throughout the day, without falling into the lower emotional frequencies.

That is a trap deliberately set to degrade the energies of the average person viewing this situation from without.

View it from above, dear ones, as your souls do!

For your soul’s own love, power, and Light are sufficient to carry you through this.

Namaste, Lightbringers! We are with you, always.



» Source » Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan