New Moon Process 6/13

full moonThis week’s Gemini New Moon is an opportunity to put your divine changemaker creation energies in motion, fashioning a higher outcome for something important to you. Continue reading for what this means and how to make the most of these two weeks ahead of Post Wesak.


As a reminder, New Moons are a potent time to restart key projects, begin something brand new, or apply creative focus to the direction of your life. In my “Predictions 2018” I outline more of the factors involved and list key planetary dates for the year.

When you are considering something new, be sure to include innovative approaches to current and dormant projects. Quite often even a slight shift in thinking can make all the difference in your success.

A Gemini New Moon like we have Wednesday highlights communications and ideas. At a time like this, don’t be surprised if you wake up with a new plan for something or a new approach to dealing with problems in a relationship.

Relationships, after all, are the key to manifesting highest outcomes. Each one of them presents something to learn, sometimes a challenge, and universally presents a gift of some kind. Even a solo entrepreneur needs to master relationships to have success, satisfaction, and joy.  That’s because nothing one does happens in isolation – each thing involves some sort of orchestration in which one or more other people are involved.

New Moon Process

Here’s a simple process to apply this week. Doing this even one time can help you on multiple levels. Doing it daily can help even more.

Process Steps

FIRST – Invite a knowing of a key project or outcome you would like to focus on.

SECOND – Get centered and in the present. Focusing on your topic, invite brand-new insights that haven’t been accessible until now. Be open to what comes into your mind as you spend some contemplative time connecting with this information.

THIRD – Ask for a knowing of how to apply what you have received. If you’re not yet clear on what it is, take the issue into your dream time, meditations, or simply be present to what comes to your awareness during the next hours or overnight. Patience will help – pushing can delay receiving. Let go of when the insights come, how, and through what vehicle.

FOURTH – Based on what you receive or intuit, ask to know a specific step or steps you can take to help manifest the highest outcome. Similarly, ask to know about specific actions it’s best to avoid or delay for right now. Remember the divine timing in all things.

FIFTH – Check in with your intuitive knowing to better understand how the opportunity of this Gemini New Moon is linked with the progress you are making on your enlightenment path during Wesak Season. Trust that there is a connection, and simply be open to it. Know that on Post Wesak you will have a powerful opportunity to anchor the Season’s Wesak blessings while you receive an expanded view of your life path.



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