Heavenletters: The Return to Truth

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, everything in the world is relative. This is how the world is. One thing exists contrary to something else. One thing is opposed to one thing or another, and also, dependent upon another for its very own existence. Cold and hot are respective of one another. The world says there is good, and there is bad, and that’s that. The world says that everything comes in pairs in the world opposed to one another. There is no one way about it, but two or more. Instead of Oneness, there is complexity. Thus, the world complicates.

The result is that My children look outside themselves for solutions. In Oneness, there is nothing to solve. In Oneness, there are no opposites that require resolution. In Oneness, difficulties don’t exist because solely Oneness is. Nothing is left out of Oneness. Oneness takes the cake. Oneness is total love. There are no discrepancies. There is no them nor is there a We. In Oneness, I, God, can only be nodding to Myself. There is no other.

Language is provided outside of Oneness, holding up the idea of two sides to every issue. In Oneness, there are no issues, simply Oneness.

Whenever you have an argument with someone, no matter how deep and intrusive the argument may seem, it is not even a bump on a log where Oneness exists. In Oneness, two sides do not exist. Oneness is the truth, and arguments bear false testimony in order to jump into the winking game of Twoness on the playground of life.

In truth, duality does not exist. There cannot be both Two and solely One. One is conclusive and all-inclusive. Two has many cracks. Two is a plaster veneer that pretends to cover up Oneness as if life in the world can only consist of double trouble. This isn’t truth. This is confusion.

There is far greater than what lies outside you. Whatever difficulties you face, no matter how true-seeming, they are illusion. You are fooled, and so you follow a false God named illusion and, therefore, you are disillusioned more times than you dare say.

Now you, My One Child, are returning to Oneness where no contradiction exists. Obviously, Oneness wins the day even as there is nothing to win over. No reason for trying to explain or trying to prove that fiction is true to form. There is no true deed or performance in Twoness. Twoness is clearly a fabrication, whereas truth is Oneness. Twoness is no more than an erring intellect.

There is no Twoness to sift through. Twoness is a fraud perpetuated upon you. You have been gullible and taken in several times over. Therefore, you repeatedly look for a nonexistent cure that can only lie within in you, for all that truly exists exists within you. You muster your strength now to bring forth truth now. No longer do you play make-believe to pull the wool over your eyes. The singleton Oneness rings true to you now.

Pure and simple, Oneness is the whole enchilada. The intellect thinks it is smart, yet the intellect deals with what comes down to what is non-existent in the first place. What remains then is the heart. Ply your troth with the heart. Within the heart lies the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The basic truth is that nothing lies outside you to find answers to no matter what may ail you.

Return to truth. Rely upon the God within. I am right here deeply beyond the surface, and so are you. Surface can only be a game you play, as if a surface could be anything more than a top layer that can rub off. If you are going to play a game, be aware enough to identify it as game you play.

Hark the herald angels.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff