Message from Oversoul Collective, Mother God, Sananda: Expansion

Woman praying and free bird enjoying nature on sunset background, hope conceptWe are the Oversoul Collective, assisting in this auspicious time, bridging the gap of dimensions and energy vortices, transmuting and transmitting our codes of upliftment and encouragement for humanity’s great discovery of themselves, of their strength and of their purpose. Their purpose is the discovery of their own inner strength, their own inner light which lights up the darkness, illuminating. You are illuminating, glowing brightly, experiencing all that you can, ever expanding and bringing further insight to the collective. Humanity’s collective consciousness is a powerful force in the omniverse. We say omniverse for all is interconnected and although the universe is vast, it is a living breathing light and life force, pulsing with the love of Creator. We oversoul groups house consciousness, just as you house your trillions of busy cells. You are morphing with this oncoming wave into light so that when it greets you it will resonate with you. Such is the plan. Breathe more. Meditate more. Expand into this glorious upliftment of consciousness and be comforted. Be at peace. We are here to help and guide. We are the Oversoul Collective.

Dear children, it is I, your Mother God. Your concepts are expanding, growing and developing to keep up with your newly developing bodies. It is much like you are going through a fast and furious puberty. Your emotions are sky rocketing. This is normal, for as the wave ever approaches more debris is shaken loose for clearing. I am enraptured tonight with the perseverance of the human heart and spirit. It warms my heart children, and I just had to share that with you tonight. You are destined for star travel you know. You are destined for seeding consciousness and the ideas and tactical successes of overcoming the darkness is one for the books and one that you will be sharing for eons to come. This experience is a feather in your cap. Allow me to send down my honey love to you now children. Soak it up and in. Feel my light drip and smooth and soothe you. Allow it in the dark places that need more light and let us do this work together. I send you my warmest embrace now. I am your Mother God.

Hello! I am your Sananda, here tonight on the bridge of the New Jerusalem taking the pulse of humanity, energetically of course. You are rising up! Hurrah! Over all, there has been more laughter and joy on our joy-o-meter today (yes, of course we have one!) and we are delighted in this. Higher energies than normal have been creating some physical unease. Do not be alarmed when this happens, but rest, drink plenty of water and talk with me. This phase of ascension is not forever, I assure you. But we know that it feels like it and we respect your service to Gaia and to each other. You are still doing a massive amount of clearing for the collective. Would you like some help with that? Just ask us. We need your interjection and request you know, “the whole free will thing”. Ah, there. Does it feel lighter already? My yolk is easy and my burden is light, remember? We appreciate in all seriousness the heavy load you light bearers have been bearing, carrying, doing the heavy lifting for the others. You are weary. Come and rest on my ship, our ships, and be rejuvenated and restored. Jangled nerves need not be. Choose being in this moment and you will find me there if you look. You will find your own inner peace if you but look for it. It is time to master these energies, friends, and you master them with love and with being present. View everything as your teacher and thank the lessons as they are presented to you. Everything is a reflection of either your fear or your faith. Trust all is working out for your perfection and best outcome and soul growth. And then poof, there you have it! And the joy-o-meter rises higher. The light is here friends! And that light is you! I am your Sananda. Shine on.



» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl