Neptune’s Retrograde Journey

astro energies eraoflight2018 Neptune’s Retrograde journey June 18- 7.26 pm EDT to November 24- 8.08 pm EST

The planets from Jupiter to Pluto are retrograde four to five months each year so we feel the energy most intensely as it starts its retrograde and then when it moves direct again. But like all retrogrades the theme is review, re-evaluate, recycle, redo, re-vision, and realign. Neptune is called the Dissolver. I have always described his influence as identifying what is true, what is not true, what can never be true and WHAT SHOULD NEVER BE TRUE. When he is retrograde his particular purpose is to expose deception and hidden agendas. (Pluto does that too). Neptune rules maritime matters (think of the ship carrying immigrants recently that was refused entry in Italy and France and finally was allowed safe harbour in Spain). Also rules petroleum (oil and gas) so we may see fluctuation in that commodity. Neptune also governs drugs, alcohol, and addictions. We may see some healing happening in the opioid crisis or it will become more problematic. Neptune is associated with escapism.

But Neptune is also associated with artistic expression (the artist, poet, musician, dancer, photographer, and filmmaker). We may see some spiritually inspired work in those areas during the retrograde. Neptune connects us to The Mystical. While he is in retrograde in Pisces until November we all have the opportunity to find our inner artist and be guided by Divine Love as we express our creativity. Neptune was sighted in Sept 1846 and gave rise to a whole new way of artistic expression. This time he has been in Pisces since April 2011 and will continue to visit Pisces until Jan 2026. Pisces is also associated with the artist.

The main theme for our current Neptune retrograde is to focus on breaking free from illusion and becoming enlightened. Astrologer Alan Oken calls Neptune the Light of Inspiration. I would add the Light of Illumination. When the Sun enters Cancer at Solstice June 21 Neptune will be an important guide. He is the Soul Centered ruler of Cancer. We will write more about Solstice in the next few days.

Our Animal Totem guides for the Neptune in Pisces journey (now and until 2026) are Cougar, spiritual power, and Wolf, spiritual teacher (Northern Hemisphere). Wolf also guides us as we experience change on our spiritual path. For the Southern Hemisphere your guide is Brown Bear, introspection, healing, and The Healer. Synchronously the Moon entered Virgo this early morning (4.41 am EDT). Her guide is Brown Bear for the Northern Hemisphere and Cougar and Wolf for the Southern Hemisphere. I love how the Universe is always in alignment. For all of us our Clan Mother guide for Pisces is Weighs The Truth. She is the keeper of equality, the guardian of justice, and the destroyer of deception. She teaches us how to use integrity to find healing solutions. We will need her guidance in the next few months and beyond. More of her story can be found in The 13 Original Clan Mothers by Jamie Sams.

Blessings Dale!



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