Solstice Renewal

light spiral gate eraoflightSolstice this week is an opportunity to reflect on your place in the world, what kind of planet you want to live on, and how you can contribute to needed changes.

Solstice Time

The time of Solstice, after all, is a marker of energies – midway point of the year and a change in seasons. No matter where you live, you will experience these things. At a marker moment such as this, it’s helpful to do a deeper reassessment of where you are placing your energies and what matters most to you going forward.

So much in your outer world is in flux now. Massive changes are underway, even though on the surface it may appear as though no progress is being made.

Do not let uncertainty or apathy obscure your view of what is possible. Remind yourself daily of your quantum, timeless nature, and the endless potentials available.

Battle Between Good and Evil

In these past six months, humanity at large has continued the longstanding battle between good and evil. What you are witnessing is a grand-finale of the ages-old fight between light and dark. For the most part, this is unconscious. This struggle is so mired in humanity’s history that it can appear normal or like the only option.

A grand-finale of this battle – as experienced now – will naturally be volatile and create the illusion that it’s the only way humans can behave. Nothing is further from the truth. At the core of every being is the potential of awakening to one’s true divine nature – and the love inside at one’s core.

Out from Behind the Curtain

Contemplate the good news of this current stage. The ages-old battle is now out from behind the curtain. It is due to consciousness  – a higher consciousness embodied by  a growing number of people – that the curtain was drawn back. The light now shines brightly on what was hidden for a very long time. The light also increasingly shines on the goodness that naturally exists.

As a species, humanity must see both sides of the equation for true and lasting change to occur. People must witness with their eyes open, their hearts available, and their minds able to grasp a  more enlightened way of being.

Your Role  

In these moments a significant renewal is possible. This is much more than getting replenished and refreshed, although that is important too. The renewal I suggest you contemplate is to work on an inner level with what you are seeing and experiencing in the outer world.

In any cycle you will experience a combination of ups-and-downs as you witness what’s unfolding in your outer world. Some things you will like and be grateful for – some things will stir your anger and even make you apathetic.

Here’s a simple thing you can do that will smooth the chaotic ride and bring more inner peace.

Focus on something you see in the outer world that you would like to change. One thing at time – just pick one thing.

Then work with yourself on an inner level so that you can more fully embody what you would like to see in the world. Get in touch with how you can shift your view. If nothing comes to you right away, meditate on it and take it into your dream state.

Then, when you get in touch with the quality you want to see more of in the world – like patience, tolerance, compassion – do your best to express this quality in your everyday interactions. Be sure to include yourself in the picture – everything starts with you.

What I’m referring to here is very simple – though not always easy to do. Make it personal to you. If you are with us for Post Wesak this Saturday, you will have more energetic help and support with these themes as you work with the Masters who long ago set the template for enlightenment on this planet.

Don’t be surprised if by working on yourself in this way, you discover that you want to become more involved – perhaps as an activist – in creating social changes across the planet. Humanity needs your loving energy and your example of how to travel the path in a more enlightened way.



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