Akatu: Shift of Awakening

angelic beingsBeloved Ones Of Light!

We Speak To You Of Life And The Ever Unfolding Mystery Of Love That It Brings Forth.

Do Not Delude Yourself Into Thinking That The Planet Is Out Of Control.

Quite The Contrary. The Situation Is Very Much Under Control.

We Remain So Close To You That You Could Feel Our Breath If We Allowed This.

The Adverse Conditions With Which Much Of The Planet Is Grappling In These Moments Are Not The Victim Oriented Results Of Random Conditions.

All Of It Is Energy Based.

All Of It Has Been Created, Energetically, By The Unified Force Of Each Being Here.

All Could Be Shifted Instantaneously To Conditions Reflective Of The Pleiadian Collective, If Hearts Of All Focused With A Unified Intention.

That Result Can Be Brought About And Will Be.

The Great Planetary Shift Of Awakening Is Happening Now To The Masses.

The Momentum Is Underway And Is Unstoppable, Exercising It’s Capability To Manifest Fully And Create Itself In Vibrational Essence In Every Expression Of Life.

As We Move Forward We Remind You That You Are Capable Of Creating And Manifesting This Reality Of A New Earth At This Crossroads Of Time And Space That You Perceive To Be Your World.

And This Is The Moment That Will Take You The Full Distance To The Shift To SHEEN And Beyond.

Awaken Our Beloved Ones!

Only Light Is Before You!

We Love You So!



» Source » Channel: Kabamur