The Galactic Federation: The Veils of Separation Are Lifted

eraoflight federation of lightDivine ones. We are here the Galactic Federation to aid in ushering you and showering you with wisdom and love.

We the GF’s as we are called are one of many who remind you to stand tall in your greatness and take the “bull by the horns” to coin a phase to awaken to move on your planet with pride and peace.

Let go Let go let go of the old. You carried it long enough. You have struggled with old modalities that have kept you stuck.

No need to be stuck anymore. These new energies won’t allow it.

Happy Solstice. Happy day as you breath into these energies and they integrate within your cells.

You all are making your ancestors proud as you step into this new pyridine of love and light.

Your thoughts have power and if you could see it from our end you would be amazed. Amazed how the energies of your thoughts travel. USE it. Take the time to send out love. To send out intention to heal the planet and others.

This is why you are here. To align and experience the prosperity and love that has always been here for YOU.

We wish you to remember and firmly know how special and great you all are. Veils of separation are ARE lifted for you to see the mirror of yourself in everyone. We hope as you embody this truth you will walk side by side and reach out to connect.

Invite those who are struggling in their lives to be cleansed by your own love. Fear or sadness is not the effective tool to help others but rather the vibration of love and compassion will aid them enormously.

Release those shadows you have been carrying to replace them with light as these new energies anchor within and about. It is through intention/ focus that you achieve this goal.

Today is the first day of the rest of your lives. And old phase but one to be aware of if you find yourself judging self for not achieving something sooner. NOW is where you go from as a diving board.

Jump imagine yourself for a moment as jumping off a diving board. When you leap the momentum carries you as you move strong and fast. Let yourself use this analogy to move into the (waters) new energies plunging into the LOVE that is infused inside each wave.

This solstice day is that diving board and into the waters you move. The suffering in the world is coming to conclusion. Please know that so you don’t get caught up in the drama but rather are part of the change by aligning with love and the power of your own thoughts and actions.

Look to alternative news for there is where truth lies. Please Please do not let the news feed for the general public bring you down. Change is happening behind the scenes.

The old structures/ ways are falling apart in government as well as inside the self. Step back and recognize that it must happen to make room for the new. So… see what is happening in the outside world as a preface for what will be replaced and by no means are you to look at it with worry but love.

Also it is mirroring within each and every one of you because you too are in a sense falling apart to regroup in a new cellular structure.

We recommend you to purge with intent to let in love. Allow the old to be integrated with light loving energies by bringing it to the heart.

Take a moment if you will, to do a visualization of taking your negative thoughts or anything that is of old vibrations like sadness, fear, lack, worry and see your heart as a big strainer. anything that has drained you is now going through the transfusion process. Watch as it is strained through the loving heart mechanism. The heart will cause these lower vibrations to dissipate and come out fresh as if they are now cells at a higher frequency.

This meditation/visualization will aid you to feel empowered and understand how powerful ones thoughts of intention are. Choose to be on the road of inner power strength and love.

It is indeed exciting times. The gift of life will be felt by all as you awaken.

We love you.



» Source » Channel: Star Blossom Goddess