Scientist Claims His New Technology Visualizes Multidimensional Beings

third eye chakraAs a teenager, Daniel Nemes has had a passion for science and astronomy so it was no surprise when his vocation took him into the field of science. Today Nemes is both a scientist and inventor in Columbia, with him claiming he has the technology to photograph multidimensional beings.

Nemes said that his interest in the multidimensional universe began after a magazine article attracted his attention about the Dark Matter of the universe. He then came up with the idea of devising technology, through optical experiments along with mathematical calculations that would allow him to take images of multidimensional beings.

Scientist claims his new technology visualizes multidimensional beings

Scientist Invented Technology Superior to Any Other Form of Image Capturing

Nemes knew about the technology out there for capturing images, such as black light, infrared, ultraviolet and such, however, he went one better and found a way of capturing the unknown that was far superior. The named the technology he invented “Energivision”. According to Mysterious-times. com Nemes combined special lenses along with sunlight from Mother Nature and screens that are ultrasensitive that he invented himself. With his invention, Nemes claims that he can capture images that are of unknown origin, the images come from other planes and show multidimensional beings.

NASA and other companies must surely want to get their hands on such technology but Nemes said he has not exposed his invention, but he did try to make the scientific community aware of its existence. Nemes also claims the media has silenced his discovery and the images that he claims to have taken using his technology.

Nemes Published Thousands of Images on Social Media Showing Unknown Beings

Nemes has published many images through Facebook and revealed that since 2015 he posted more than 1000 photos to his page. The scientist claims to have had a great deal of rejection and many insults come his way along with disbelief of the images. He said, “The only way I have to publicize my invention and the captures are by Facebook since 2015 I have posted 1000 photos on my Facebook. When I started to publish my images on my social network I had a lot of rejection, it was very hard and even insults towards me, fortunately, my images are now more known and when I post on my Facebook or in other groups it is rare to receive a disqualification or insult”.

There is no denying that the photos are strange and in almost all of them, it is possible to see strange figures or faces. In many facial features such as eyes, nose, mouths, and cheekbones can be made out. Others seem to reveal demon like faces and bodies, while a few are comical and some are menacing.

Whether they are the faces and bodies of multidimensional beings from unknown worlds remains to be proven, one thing for sure is that the images are interesting to look at.

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