Archangel Raphael: A Massive Change Is At Hand

aa raphael eraoflightFriends Of Light!

I Am The Twin Soul Of KABAMUR. I Have Chosen To Remain In An Aspect That Has Allowed Me The Freedom To Both Serve On The Planet And Live Much Of This Lifespan On Crafts As Well As Returning To The Pleiades.

In These Final Moments Of The Story, It May Seem As Plans Are Prolonged.

This Is Only Because You Perceive Time As Linear And With Human Emotions, You May Feel Urgency.

We Wish To Tell You That All Is Well.

We Continually Scan And Monitor And As You Have Noticed, We Allow Our Presence To Be Known.

In Truth, There Were Many Life Stories Where We Walked Among You And Lived As Friends.

There Is Much Wisdom And Speculation Circulating In Regard To The Nature Of These Times Upon You.

Some Call This „The End Times“. And With Some, This Causes A Great Deal Of Fear.

It Should Be Obvious To You That A Massive Change Is At Hand.

But This Is A Wonderful Plan Of The Collective And Will Benefit Humanity Greatly.

There Have Always Been Forces That Have Come Against The Light, As Prime Creator Gifted All With Free Will.

We See The Whole Of Life, The Oneness That Is Truth.

In The Larger Picture, You Are Able To Do This By Choice. Many Want To Awaken And Yet Continue To View Other Sacred Beings As Their Enemy.

This Is All False Perception As You Have No Enemy But The Thoughts You Choose To Perceive About Others.

What If For A Moment, The Entire Planet Chose To See Another As Self.

There Would Be An Instant Shift In Perception, Unity And Love.

This Is Our Goal For You. This Is The Sacred Intention.

We Are The Catalyst To Bring You Back To What You Already Know.

That You Are One.

You Are Parts Of Prime Creator, Expressing In Many Ways.

As You Move In This Direction You Expand Your Thinking, Open Your Mind, Return To Expanded Consciousness.

The Choice Is Yours!

We Do Not Control You! We Assist You And Provide Teaching.

Rise With Us Beloved Ones!

In Light We Live!

We Love You So!



» Source » Channel: Kabamur