Starlight the Unicorn: Your Spirit Needs to Fly

fairy kingdom eraoflightdotcomGreetings children, I am Starlight of the Unicorn race. Feel my purity of light as my golden horn of light touches your third eye. It is time to rise up young one and claim the future that is presented in front of you as an option for you to pursue and to explore. Just as the tide rises and falls, as the sun rises and sets, so the consciousness of humanity is rising again after the great fall into forgetfulness, and is rising high on the love wave of the Mother as she caresses and soothes every part of you.

We unicorns are very protective of our young, fiercely loyal and often secretive beasts and yet we know how to love fiercely, deeply, wholly, purely. We wish for humanity to learn this quality of love, for if you fiercely love your own and your planet, you will allow nothing to harm or to be tainted and you will pursue wholeness and healing for your world with wide open hearts, chakras that laugh and spin open and wide with nothing to hide, proud of the work that you have done. It is time children to rise up and to claim your divinity, for it has been far too long that you have slunk in the shadows, hidden, afraid. Your light is strong, fierce, I might add. For you are galactic warriors of old, emissaries of the highest order, planted where you are to lend the most light possible. The internet has provided means of connection for those who otherwise have felt alone.

We acknowledge it has been a lonely road and a bumpy ride, but young ones, your wisdom is coming forth now as the wave from the Great Central Sun has unlocked many a hidden portal / door to various aspects / experiences of you and it is time to explore the previously hidden knowledge within you. You are Gaia’s treasure. You are the New Earth, Nova Gaia’s hands and feet, poised and ready to spring into action filled love. Be sure your hearts are open. There is no more room for doubt and skepticism. Now you, our leaders of the new golden age, are to be truthful, bold, upright and pure in your leadings.

Allow our purity of unicorn energies to activate your third eye which may feel a bit stuck and dusty. Focus now on the soft humming and shining of the area of your mid forehead and picture my horn touching your forehead and activating this hidden portal of wisdom and true sight. Ask me and I shall do it. I, Starlight, enjoy helping and serving my human friends. For in serving we grow and are served. It is the great mystery. Allow your heart chakras to become more open in this way. Allow my horn to touch your heart. See it spin from right to left, counter clockwise, humming in delight, opening wide in trust and faith. Just as there were many reasons for these portals to be closed off for all of the pain that the myriad of earth lives have offered you, so there are a myriad of reasons now to have these portals of light open. They will aid you greatly on your journey towards full consciousness. They are your roadmap. Your third eye and your heart center when open will lead and guide in love. But it is you truly that must chose love, choose the path of ease, of faith.

Now enough of this. You are weary and your spirit needs to fly. Climb out up on my back young one and hold on tight to my silvery white mane and let me gallop. I love to gallop fast over the beaches, come with me. Feel the joy echo all around as you listen to the melodic rhythm of my hooves on the damp sand and now we veer right into the glade and you smell the sweet grass and see the birds and butterflies flying and singing their song. And now up atop the bluff. You hop down with ease, breathless with delight of the view. You see the silvery beach in front of you, curving, the pink sky set, the gentle breeze cools you and you relax. It’s nice isn’t it? We can come here together whenever you like.

I am Starlight of the Unicorn race. We unicorns offer our support now for the ascension of the human collective. Always in service and love, I am Starlight



» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl