Anna, Grandmother of Yeshua: You Are Remembering

mother god eraoflightdotcomYes dear, it is I, Anna, grandmother of Jesus. At least that is who you now call him to be. To me he was and will forever be Yeshua ben Joseph. Ah, those were the days of my memory where I walked among you. For I had indeed many adventures that thrilled me and stretched me. Incarnation in general is a difficult task friends, and you have chosen a most arduous time to enter the Earth field. But you did so with a higher purpose, a higher calling, to lend your light to the human collective and in full force together as one rise above the tyrants who would suppress you and have, it would seem, for too long. I say “it would seem” friends, because not all is as it seems. For when you are within the human form part of the agreement is to forget who you truly are, but now is the time of remembering, or re-remembering, as the Arcturians like to say. It is true.

You are remembering who you really are. And I can attest to this for I know you beyond the realm of where the memories are lost or stripped away. I am from beyond time, I am just as you are, friends. We are of the same energy of Source, reliving memories and creating new ones in this most beautiful Now moment. I see many of you afraid to pursue your truth as has been the topic of conversation amongst many of you of late. How does one do this, in a world, a realm where truth is not appreciated and has been twisted to the advantages of the few to succumb the many? How does one shine their radiant truth, their light unencumbered and free, in the beautiful beginnings of the Now moments that dot your lives? You speak with love. You see with love. You live through love. And this love gives you the strength to do the hard tasks that perhaps you would rather run away from. As for the other’s responses? It matters not, does it? It is true they reflect what their own inner demons show them. They reflect with their responses what is a window for you to see through into their own understandings, and it is a teaching tool for you.

Love them where they are, not where they are not. Do not be frustrated that they are not perhaps at your level or a level of comprehension you think they should be. That is judgement at its truest form and it is best to not sit in that throne. Instead, see them through the eyes of love and love them where they are. You will have many opportunities to do this, of course, as you are the main wayshowers in this precious, tender time of awakening. Babies fuss and cry when they are disturbed, do they not? It is the conditioning of fear in this realm that must be changed. I Anna, see this and send my light and life stream into you, should you receive it, as a comforting balm of soothing honey and I send herbal blends of comfort and healing to your tired physical forms. It is true there are many mysteries of the physical form ascending, and many of you have done this act of self revelation and of ascension in the physical numerous times and these words are familiar to you and cause a thrill within your heart space. Yes. You remember. Many of you were Essenes or within other such communities of enlightened individuals scattered across the globe who practiced the healing sacred arts, copied texts and ate cleanly, living simple, free lives, unencumbered from the many “should and shouldn’ts” of society. And so, my words cause you comfort. It is good that they should do so, for I am particularly gifted in the healing arts and have had many lifetimes of practice, as have you, my friends. As have you!

I am in hopes that these words stirs up memories like a soothing bubbling pot of delicious soup whose aroma wafts down the hill from the warm kitchen and entices you inside for nourishment. The nourishment that you seek is within you my sweet ones, my friends. You are masters at alchemy. And now you have the majestic opportunity to do the main heavy lifting of these once-toxic energies on Gaia that are now being cleansed and cleared by many and so I encourage you to lend a hand. Lend your heart. Lend your love to this barren world that so desperately needs it. And so, you do see, that nothing can be barren, truly barren, when there is love? For love heals all woundings past and present. So my loving advice to you today friends in form, is to simply love the others were they are, as they are, how they are. And their responses are none of your concern. If your are operating within the true embodiment of love in form, in action, then you can do no wrong.

Love. Be the love, the the light and be the laughter and infuse your mark your light signature and shine ever more brightly today. The world is waiting for your healing touch and we are watching from above with baited breath, confident in your many many successes that you have already achieved and that we see you achieving in the very near future. Allow my energy encodements within this text to your physical form now and be transformed into light, into pure light and pure love essence of the divine mother, of the divine all that wraps and encodes you, every delicious little bit of you, and ensconces you in radiant light and love. Any time you would wish for me to assist you with your own personal physical alchemy that is happening to many – most of you – at this time, I am out happy to assist. It is my pleasure to serve, especially you ascending ones who are near and dear to my heart space, for we have worked together many times in the past and will continue to do so in many probable future timelines. I am your Anna, grandmother of Jesus. I bestow upon your crown chakra a heavenly kiss, a boost of light energy at this time.

Be at peace. Be at peace! All is well! Sit within my energetic embrace, my balm of healing and be one with me, with yourselves. Be that which you wish to seek and of course you shall find it. For it is within you. You are divine. That is all for now precious friends of light within the dense form, that is not to be dense much longer! ! I am your precious Anna and you are my friends. We will meet again I assure you. Be at peace.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl