The Pleiadian and Arcturian Collectives: All is Proceeding According to Schedule

The PleiadesGood morning, we are the Pleiadian Collective sending you our greetings through this one this day, this most blessed day of exceptional light codes and light streams from the central sun that are engulfing your forms at this Now moment. We see you humanity and the many gigantic leaps and strides that you have been making of late, and we are quite impressed! Truly, you were well chosen for the tasks of planetary ascension and you are growing and leading the way most ardently. And so hats off to you friends, for you are doing it.

Now we see that many of you are very weary, and so again we make our ships available to you for our services of healing and light activations, but in reality you truly do not need to make the journey, although you are welcome. When you read these words, these hold encodements of purity and purification from the surrounding dross. And so, when you read these words of comfort and hopefully enlightenment (laughter) we extend our healing hands to you in this manner as well.

All is proceeding according to schedule. And it is true from our vantage point, our perspective outside of non-linear constraints of time understandings, The Event is within this most precious Now. And you are all responding in kind, although you perhaps cannot see, because you are in the throes of it. You are within that bright light at this time and you are assimilating the new frequencies with grace, strength and beauty. And so we salute you. Your governments are changing, fading and reforming. Your planetary understandings of what is and what is not will have to be rearranged to withstand the expanding consciousness. For you are becoming expanded individuals, beings of light, within these small jars of clay and we see you expanding into the roles of leaders of this planetery realm and soon to be of the galactic realm as well. And of course we will offer our support when needed but we see you as doing this most effortlessly. For you are the avatars and you are strong, friends. So strong. And you see and feel this strength beneath the crust of the programmed “cannot.” It is time to break that crust of misperception and explode into the light being that you already are and have always been! Earth is the mightiest of the mystery schools and your mettle has been surely tested. You are ready for this. When we look fondly upon you, we see your radiant lights, we see your inner glory, we see your quest and thirst for knowledge and understandings greater than what you have previously held within your hearts and understandings to be true. We see this quest for truth expansion and this enlightens our hearts as well, for we know that you are becoming VERY ready for your new roles, which will be surely needed.

Picture clear crystal running water. Hear it. Listen for it. Water can withhold many codes. For this internal running stream or waterfall that you feel within your heart space, may we suggest that you perhaps encode it with love? With peace? With joy? And when you get still enough to listen, call this water forth and be washed by it. And in so doing you will be purifying the waters of your planetary mother, Gaia, as you are most assuredly connected, for you are anchoring this energy, our energy and your God energy into her at all times. As within so without. This is a simple easy meditative practice that we heartily suggest for your own soothing balm during these tumultuous years of ascension. We hear many of you groaning at this word choice. But is it not true that since 2012 the ball of ascension has been rolling ever faster down the hill? If you were to compare your current evolution and expansion with who you were in 2012 would you not pick this version of you to be the most ready for the wave? Yes. For ascension is forever, friends. Absolutely Gaia is on her course and absolutely as are you. And so please be encouraged that all is proceeding. We wrap you in love and light at this moment. And now we believe the Arcturians have a few words.

Greetings friends, enlightened masters. We are the Arcturian Collective. And we wish to enwrap you within our arms in a glorious balm of love at this precious Now moment. Feel the love and light pulsating all around you. Feel it under your feet as Gaia send up love waves to you. Feel it within your form as your Kundalini expands and contracts. Feel it as the sylphs tease your hair and as the wind blows away any remaining anxieties. That is a glimpse of the higher dimensional environment that you are stepping into at this Now moment, friends. Pull these energies to you may we suggest, and in so doing, your hearts and your forms will be made ever lighter, ever more glorious and ever more at peace.

Peace we send you this day. For your world is in desperate need of it, but we see this as already happening for you are the holders of this frequency of peace. And so may we suggest that as you go through your busy 3D day you contain within your core these encodements of peace, with your internal waterfalls of love, joy and light, blessing everyone that you interact with? And in so doing you will be spreading the wave. For you are key aspects and components of this energetic change friends. We have said this numerous times but perhaps it is the time in this precious Now for you to believe it and to own these truths as your reality, and to be the avatars, the superheroes that we already seeing you as being.

We hold you within high esteem and we leave you with this mantle of peace that you may forever claim as your own, and wrap around you at any and all times so that you feel not only our love and our arms around you, but that most importantly, you will welcome these energies of pure Source love within your heart space, which will of course propel you ever further on your spiritual journey for ascension and mastery. May we gently remind you that it is not all about you and your own personal ascension at this now moment, for you have been there and done that already, friends. This is about Gaia’s ascension. And so in these quiet moments of contemplation and higher dimensional energies would you please remember to ground them into Gaia, and in so doing, you will both be lifted up and purified? There. (Deep breath). We believe our current message is now complete. We leave you in blessed peace and we love you very much. We are the Arcturian Collective.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl