8 Replies to “Do you think the Galactics and the Spiritual Hierarchy are doing enough to assist humanity?”

  1. Cheri Lawrence

    See my comment on the latest Cobra message regarding disinformation. We are the galactics, we are the higher spiritual forces and light federation. We are the embodiment of source that lies within us all currently being activated within our DNA. We are the ground crew and our lightbodies are the starships surrounding this planet waiting to land! Some of us starseeds have already activated missions working with the forces of light which is found interdimensionally not extradimensionally, some of us are Indigo Warriors hard at work now uncovering and revealing truth. Some of us are divine communicators like KejRaj. Some of us will be fully activated later for a variety of missions here as we enter a golden age. Right now we are rebuilding our lightbodies and repairing our brainwaves and clearing our cellular resonance that was trapped in the forced reincarnation cycle of timelines. This is how we bypass and disintegrate the matrix. We are the ET allied forces we have been waiting for. When our lightbodies are fully rebuilt we will constitute the landing of the galactic light brigade. So keep up the good work of integration, this is how we win! Don’t think these forces lie outside, it is within where all is won. The only reason I know this is because my lightbody was fully activated 6 years ago and I have been working interdimensionally since then. But my lightbody was already ascended last lifetime for the work I am doing for the planetary ascension now in this lifetime. We are creators and this whole nightmare has been created through the manipulation of our free will. The only way we will travel the universe is in our full MerkaBa, the motherships we all are!

  2. jenilynn

    I think this question says everything. It assumes we know better than they do, and that everything is their responsibility to fix. Waking up starts with personal responsibility. I’m frustrated too, for reasons I’m not going to go into, but they do a lot, and have a much broader view than we do. Perhaps we could just trust.

  3. Doug James

    All comments are good and I agree I feel the GF is real but until humanity sees undeniable PROOF something is wrong..we are in a matrix , ETs and UFOs are real they wont be woken up!!! A small % like us are awake early but the majority are still clueless about the cabal and dark ETs who took over Gaia. Toplet bombs all I hear is once they are all removed per cobra well this has been the resistance piece for years now it seems. The advanced tech of all the Galactic fleets shld be able to neutralize the TBs and teleport anyone off the planet right? Take over the media and broadcast on a 24 hr look the real history of earth and the hostage situation that has been resolved. We need this now.

  4. Jennifer Brock

    No they are definitely, definitely not doing enough. They have allowed us to get into this situation, they have allowed the situation to get out of hand and now they cannot solve the situation. It’s like leaving a rotten apple in the bag and wondering why in hell all of the apples have gone bad. I have faith in The Almighty to help us through this but it would appear that He is not able to work through the light forces too well….God help us. It would appear the light forces won’t.

  5. Sara

    The natives are hostile and I cant say this planet is exactly 5 star accommodation, but hey! All us starseeds are still here 😂 that should be enough proof. Well, it wasn’t exactly easy going, you know?

    We aren’t sitting back relaxing in our starships anymore. And now we have these things called human bodies we have to think about feeding and providing for!! And worry about this stuff called “money”!

    GOSH it’s all too much to think of!! It’s like I got dropped off of a comfortable clean starship just to get plopped in the smelly mud!!

    If that isn’t a great sacrifice from the higher realms I don’t know what is!

  6. Blake E Conley

    The question I have: Is there any demonstrable evidence that any so-called Galactics and “Spiritual Hierarchy” have done anything for humanity? All channelled messages are third-party to me and I have never witnessed some supposed Galactic entity doing anything. What if most channelled entities are just an automated deception program from the Illusion meant to keep humans distracted and looking to others as aetherial superheroes. I believe there are humans that have certainly gone the distance but a hierarchy that includes hosts of aliens that are supposedly responsible for helping us. That premise is itself open to question, in my opinion. I’m certainly not going to insist on the expansion of their program of intervention.

  7. jim garno

    I feel more ET ships to be disclosed with appearances. A loving Ray that shows clearly we with our creator need not prolong moving more into our higher spiritual consciousness and the self event ability to view from this who we really are as source creators with our creator.