The Creator Writings: I Am

thebluerayI AM,

Two of the most powerful words you will utter are, “I am”.

Any feeling, action or reaction, both negative and positive, can follow those words and shape your world.

Think about it… (Smiling) What phrases popped into your mind at the moment you read this?

During this time, The Universe is asking what “I am” you are using in your life.

Do you use these two very small words to empower yourself or use them to keep yourself exactly where you are?

Here is a bit of homework for you…every time you think of “I am” listen to what your conscious mind puts after it! During this part of the massive shift, your reality is very malleable.

It is time to begin shaping a world you will be comfortable with and proud to be a part. ~ Creator


transcribed by Jennifer Farley

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