Energy Report; November 2018 11:11 Gateway

itstime eraoflightdotcom‘Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.’ – Chief Seattle

So far 2018 has been a year of retrogrades, reviews, re-vision and remembering. We’ve been saturated with truth, which is awakening us to places we previously didn’t dare visit, situations we have shied away from and inner stirrings we have suppressed. We have confronted the limits of our attachments and our fears as the winds of change tore away the veils of illusion. We have been stunned into stillness and surrender causing our defensive strategies and systems of denial to fall away. As a result, our internal world has been turned upside down creating the chaos and confusion in the external world.

It is important to remember that behind all appearances, regardless of how seemingly brutal or arbitrary, exists a greater truth. A truth that expresses the universal laws of spiritual governance. The whole of creation is subject to these laws and the natural, evolutionary growth they support. In our current experience we perceive separation, we believe in separation and we live from separation which puts us in opposition to the way the universe and nature works. The circumstances and conditions coming to the fore, both individually and collectively, are revealing just how out of balance the human race has become.

Indigenous peoples have always know that on the deepest level of our being we are vibrating fields of energy intertwined in a web of connectivity in which every living thing is interconnected. With the many challenges facing us today from global warming to environmental degradation, social unrest to political upheaval, it is clear we need a new vision of how we can live together in a way that establishes a higher consciousness, unity consciousness, which integrates the spiritual with the physical, the heart with the mind and recognises our essential interrelatedness. If we wish to continue life on this planet, we must find solutions which offer sustainable ways of living and being on the Earth.

In response to our imbalance the Earth initiated the radical clearing that is currently underway.The old structures, which forged the foundations of the world and no longer serve the Earth’s evolution are being purified and neutralised via the Earth’s core. As a result balanced, clearer energetic frequencies are radiating from the Earth’s energy field to blending with the environmental energies. These environmental energies are drawing on the forces of creation and working to redirect the flow of energy on the planet to manifest the new Earth reality. A process which is occurring with or without humanity’s participation.

Nature is our teacher and will show us the way forward. The energy patterns that create and unify all things reveal the precise way in which nature organises itself with consciousness, connection, balance and harmony. The elemental forces, the building blocks of life, show us how to sustain life. Fire teaches transmutation and transformation; Water teaches cleansing and release; Earth teaches us change and growth; and the Air teaches us movement and expansion. Nature reminds us of the flow of life, the cycles of life, and how interconnected and interdependent we all are.

We must redefine our relationship with nature to the point where we recognise its importance and power as it relates to our very survival, healing, growth and evolution. We must remember that the universe always works in perfect balance. Harmony is the natural flow of life and as a result everything in existence strives for harmony and thus balance. To apply these principles in our lives we must follow a path of healing, growth and expansion, which aligns us with the evolving universal and planetary energies.

We are built to move forwards, to evolve, to grow and to expand. Inaction is what creates stress, illness, depression and imbalance. Taking action leads to a state of flow. Flow creates passion, excitement and joy. Purposeful action opens doors and activates new possibilities. By actively following a path of healing, growth and expansion we naturally initiate harmony (flow) and balance.

It is becoming very clear that the wheels of fate have shifted changing everything. The turmoil unfolding in the world is a clear sign that change is needed. Circumstances and conditions both personally and collectively are helping us to see this clearly. The energetic matrix, which held the pain and suffering of the world has been released and the entire foundation of our reality cleared. Now we must re-orientate ourselves within the new Earth reality by applying the universal principle of harmony and balance.

The energies of November are very powerful as the 11:11 gateway is open for the entire month. The 11:11 code is the seed of creation which unfolds via the elemental forces of Fire, Water, Earth and Air. These forces, which create solar systems, galaxies and universes interface at every conceivable love and frequency. They exist within us reflected as our spirit, our heart, our mind and our body. Every day this month pulses with energetic significance inviting us to rebalance and master our lives through the 11:11 energetic code. As we do so the full power of the elements is activated within us bringing harmony and balance to our spirts (Fire), hearts (Water), bodies (Earth) and mind (Air).

In the coming days and months, you will be required to make fundamental changes to your life which harmonise with the energetic framework of the new Earth reality. You can expect powerful shifts and changes to occur that will urge you to take action and recreate your life using the principles of harmony and balance. It is important that you use your intuition and knowledge to rise above any conflict and find solutions. Do not get drawn into the drama’s unfolding as this will pull you further in the chaos and confusion. Do not remain stuck in the same old routines of life. Begin by taking responsibility for your own life and the choices and decisions you need to make. Set aside time each day to contemplate and evaluate the course your life is taking. This will allow you to perceive the true nature of each day and how best you can serve the planet and humanity.

The path ahead may not always be clear, but it will present itself with each step that you take. Greet each new day with an open heart and an open mind. Take time to slow down and see what you are doing and how it is impacting your life and the life of the planet. Be aware of nature as she reflects the potential of your new emerging life. Consciously engage with the Earth to reconnect with her spirit and awaken divine inspiration and the strength you need to carry on. Surrender to the wisdom of the Earth and allow new values, concepts and ideas to arise within your consciousness. Inspiration, activation, awakening and natural balance will come when you connect with the natural world. Take time to assimilate these new insights as they are to be used to help restore the health and wellbeing of humanity and the planet.



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