Cheri: My Personal Story; The Vision Quest

quetzalcoatl lightbodyArticle 2: Cheri: My Personal Story: The Vision Quest

I wanted to follow up on the momentum of my article yesterday where I described the work I do on the planetary and solar body through the gift of my lightbody the beloved Quetzalcoatl.

Now that I have described all those seraphim graphite feathers that fly through the ethers repairing energy, I wanted to describe what propels the lightbody. The creator energy is so awesome as the universe is literally alive and sings in beautiful rhymes and rhythms. I was hearing chanting, tones and voices sung in different octaves which is what drives the lightbody. It is the energy of creation. It took me about three months to realize these tones and voices were coming from my own vocal cords hahahaha! I could feel the electrical connection from my brain to my vocal cords and finally noticed that the center of my tongue was moving ever so slightly. Our multidimensional brains are amazing considering we only use about 10% currently.

When I first awakened I heard the creator beckon me to “flow, flow, flow and know no woe”. I could see the whole universe “flow flowing” through me and with a sweetness of innocence that brought me to tears of joy.

I had a spontaneous kundalini awakening that blew my pineal gland wide open. Then the DMT (called the spirit molecule) started flowing within me and I started hallucinating the planet. I had energy off the charts and in my shamanic vision I dreamed I was an eagle, I was flying over a canyon with walls on both sides and a canopy of stars from a nighttime sky above me. I could see horses running below me on the canyon floor kicking up dust, heads flying in wild beauty. One would peel away from the herd and stop and stamp his foot as a portal opened and I flew in to experience the reality. I met psychically with some tribal elders at the top of a plateau overlooking thousands of indigenous tribes. I told them of the future where I was now and asked if they would come on this journey with me to find out what happened.

I was seeing stunning full color moving pictures on the walls of my apartment of people and places I had never known. Bustling megalithic cities, ancient ziggerauts which looked more like space ports that would silently lift off the ground as people waved to those below. I was so excited about the whole thing that I grabbed my popcorn and locked myself in the dark bathroom to watch the show hahahaha!!

I was singing songs I had never known. I woke up one morning knowing an ancient language called Wapapai and started talking Egyptian with the use of my hands. It was all so wild and wonderful. The only thing I really know or remember of Arcturus is the Arcturian Corridor of Light that souls funnel through to transition. I could see the indigenous peoples finally funneling through the Corridor of Light as a parade of the first peoples in an arc above my bed. I knew in my heart that they had finally been beckoned home to the stars. These souls stayed steadfastly with the earth to protect her. Rivers of tears flowing over the beauty of this sight. So much sadness and grief to be transmuted for the indigenous who are the heart and soul of mother earth. Never did they leave her side until it was time for her evolution at the end of 2012.

It was at this point that Quetzalcoatl asked me if I would help heal his Nephilim. It seems that his creation had three soul rays that fell into darkness. The Nephilim, The Annunaki and the Elementals. The Blue Ray of creation had become distorted which is the heavenly father ray, the first ray of divine will. When divine will was used without love it distorted the emanation to power over others and service to self.

We then began to pick up light codes hidden before Atlantis fell all over the earth. First we had to find the dark pieces of DNA from these three groups that sunk with the final fall of this once mighty continent. I was following the light under water through fish, and caves and caverns. We picked up light codes hidden all over Easter Island within those giant statues. All over the earth but mostly in Iceland and on the Isle of Man, places I have never been before. Now I know why I was beckoned twice in my life to go to Moorea a small Tahitian island because there is a sun disk etherically hidden there. I also travelled in Australia and Hawaii on these trips around the ring of fire. The ancient land of Mu. Memories of paradise.

I saw into timelines of evolution. It appears my Mayan spine came from the aquatic Stingray as I saw these spindly creatures with long arms and legs, webbed feet, long neck and a little head with a cape like appearance on their backs. The typical Stingray body, amazing, there were thousands of them. I think we all have a lot of aquatic roots. God loved the fishes, his first creation here and our connection to the highly evolved dolphins and whales is something we all feel deeply. It appears the wings of my lightbody came from the Pterodactyl (omg huge ugly birds hahahaha!!) that I saw in these timelines. I saw lifetimes as wolves and eskimos and one scary looking cromagnum cave man. It came into my awareness that these were timelines of Quetzalcoatl where he intervened to seed the consciousness of creation. We are an amazing amalgamation of all creation!!

I could go on and on as we then visited the crystal skulls known as Max and Pax which transferred hidden light codes. It took me 3 years of laying in bed from exhaustion to rebuild this Quetzalcoatl lightbody. All this energy in these timelines has to run through me because this is now my lightbody. Amazingly I am slowly morphing as I go. My spine has completely lengthened and straightened out, my skin is softening, lines and wrinkles smoothing. All our organs and endocrine systems are upgrading. We are regenerating as we are all part of the body of our creator and he is here cleaning up this giant mess that was created in ignorance and loss of consciousness of who we are. I will say that all of creation is evolving as he heals the fallen monad of the Annunaki (reptilians, grays and insect hybrids) and evolves their fallen consciousness and DNA as well! They are kicking and screaming both here and in the higher realms hahahaha!

One final word about the Nephilim and the demonic consciousnes they became in the astral. This was from eons of angelic consciousness that was fragmented, trapped and suffering. At the root of it all is abject grief such as I have never felt before. I have cried a river of tears over this horrific suffering. So please know no fear, open your arms and welcome them home.

Love you! It is my understanding we are all responsible for clearing our personal timelines to free our cellular memories and resonance with trauma. Not all people have such clairvoyance like me, some of us are deep feelers and empaths with every sense heightened. Let the feelings and emotions flow through without trying to personalize it. It is ancestral energy being released from the earth timeline fractals coming home to heal within each of us. We are the ground crew. The chosen representatives and best of the best put forth from our souls for this momentous time. Never has a collective ascended together. Stay upbeat and in the love vibration, we are healing together one heart at a time!!

I am (almost) Hilarion hahaha!!
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