Rinus Verhagen: The Time for Change is Now

eol independent newsThe confusion there is about the imminent implementation of a value covered new global monetary system and restoration of laws known as GESARA.

From multiple sources we hear conflicting voices, RV/GCR vs Manna World Trust-trade with our birth certificates..

This makes the confusion only big ones where people want to choose a camp because they think they are safe and not empty-handed when GESARA is a fact.

Rest assured, everyone will participate in the prosperity funds, which makes Migration among other things totally superfluous as an economic migrant unsolicited western countries wants to flood.

All migrants and refugees can safely return to their home country to help build their own country and make it an oasis.

The RV/GCR vs Manna World Trust, are two tools to make the transition possible.

Trump’s visit to England showed that the Queen agreed and the City of London actually fell.

All state and private debts are paid off from the Manna World Trust fund, this fund has been able to grow only by the fraud fiat money system.

This means that stock exchanges that will crash based on a Fiat money system have now ordered Trump to stop the manipulation of Wall Street.


As a result, all companies will lose their value, and will be worth almost nothing, especially considering the mega claims that will come for their share in the crime and oppression of the world’s population.

This means that these bankrupt companies will be treated as bankrupt by a receiver, who will look for takeover by new owners.

This is where the RV/GCR funds and their humanitarian owners come into view, they can buy these companies cheaply and then dismantle them by decentralization, and make them available again for the needs of the customers.

Big Pharma, Healthcare, Telecom companies, Energy companies, Insurance companies, Banks, all will become the property of the population, without the need for a revolt.

The Globalist Politics that has acted as an accomplice of the banks and multinationals is then powerless in one fell swoop, hence within 120 days a new, albeit temporary, transition government must be elected to eliminate existing corruption and party cartel against the population.

Power comes where it belongs to the population through direct democracy.

This definitively means the end of the globalists in all Western politics.

The Unelected EU with all its unjustly claimed privileges and monies will no longer receive money from anyone, as a result of which the seizure of their accounts, are automatically dissolved through bankruptcy.

The value of € 140,000,000,000,000 Pension monies stolen from the Dutch is claimed back immediately.

It would be a crime to transform the EU into a new organization with the same corrupt players.

That is why a joint Chamber of Commerce for sovereign European countries will have to be set up to enable the trade of the member sovereign states among themselves.

Enjoy the Show that is now taking place before our eyes, the intention declaration for migration will also have no legal force just like the unelected corrupt UN.



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