Life Tapestry Creations: Happy New Year!

creator writings eraoflightDear Ones,

Many of you worry that you will not get yours. That all of 5D and beyond seem to be creating their dreams and you alone are stuck in your gray zone of wanting, but not receiving. Such thoughts are a 3D hangover if you will. For you are no less a creative source than is any one of 5D or beyond. Your yearnings are much the same as those of your early teen years when you wanted to be in love, go steady, have a car and all teenage wants that had little to do with your maturity.

You are not a 5D or beyond wannabe. You will create your dreams – both internal and external. It is just that you are, in a sense, working up to that level.

You are preparing for the shift that will happen to you and others near the new year. Such a comment is not a carrot, but a promise that you will only be able to acknowledge once it happens. Some, such as Brenda, needed to find a “comfort nest” before they allowed themselves to fully become who they are. Others will move directly from their current abode – internal or external – into their new being.

It does not matter if you had precursors, as did Brenda. What is important is knowing you are preparing for this major shift that will occur near the new year.

Some of you think in terms of you never seem to fulfill the prophecies. Such is not true for you have all moved far beyond your 3D start point.

Perhaps you expected all to happen in a flash – much as you did when you were the younger sibling. You wanted the freedoms of your older siblings even though you were not yet mature enough to have them.

Some of you return to the words of earlier channels informing you of something similar – all the while ignoring the major steps you completed as just another day in your life. Again, think back to your childhood when a rattle was enough to entertain you for hours. Then a toy car or doll. Until you achieved dating and mating. Each step in your 3D life built upon all previous steps.

The same is true now. For you are at a different place and maturity than was true mere months ago even though you have not necessarily noted that you are because your evolution seemed natural. And so it was and is.

This transition is a process, and you are at the apex of that process. You are the older sibling projecting what is possible for those who follow.

The next transition phase you are preparing for will propel you beyond 3D for you have cleared all you need to clear. You are also becoming comfortable that those following you are strong and wise enough to promote love instead of fear.

Letting go of 3D including trusting those who follow has been your biggest challenge. You are the scoutmasters, and those who follow are the pioneers. Or in more ancient terms, you created the wheel and your followers the hauling craft.

You merely are adjusting to the limitations of your 3D fears. And when you do, you will fly into your creative zones. Which is likely to happen within the next three months or so.

Again, you have experienced similar information channels in the past. The difference is 3D fears are no longer part of your totality. New you is instead comprised of those 3D segments you require for this amazing mission plus segments and helpers from your future.

This is not a “bait and switch.” This is your new reality. A reality of love and joy with a bit of fear mixed in at a level similar to 3D joy. For even in your joyful 3D state, you did not expect it to last – and it never did. There was fear in every 3D action and achievement.

Now the same will be true of your fears – joy will peak through every fearful thought. Even though it might take you a few months to accept that there is no boogeyman under the bed ready to snatch your joy away. You are free.

Many of you counter that fearful actions continue to be reported day after day – natural disasters, death, and destruction. Such is so for those who wish to participate either to perpetuate fear or to counter fear with love.

Most of you reading this do not need either action for you are transitioning to the future of love and peace.

This is a New Earth with new activities, most important of which is love. So it is that you are finding it more difficult not to love yourself. Within weeks that love will spread until you feel compassion for even those who seem unlovable.

You are no longer interested in childish rattles. You are in the final preparation to live in love. So be it. Amen.



» Source » Channel: Brenda Hoffman