The Council: Guidance, New Beginnings

ascended beingsToday several questions have been answered. I answered the first myself as Council directed.

Q: “How does the channel (Ron) experience guidance coming through him? I personally experience guidance as a flash of very quick images, or notions, that happen nearly instantaneously due to a mental question or pondering. Then, after that, the ‘mental voice’ that I hear (exactly as if I were reading a sentence from a page but simply in my mind) deciphers and attempts to translate those images/notions into thought-sentences.

This mental voice often states ‘You’ rather than ‘I’ when referring to ‘me’, and refers to itself as ‘We’, or a ‘collective of guides’ to answer the question/pondering that is occurring. Does Ron experience something similar?”

A: Ron: Almost exactly, yes. It has evolved over time and continues to do so. But this is what it is usually like. I do have to keep my ‘editor’ self from analyzing and therefore things seem to come in disjointed pieces. If I do start questioning, the flow will just stop. Usually, when I go back to look for typos and missing words, etc., I am surprised at what I read.

Q: “Dear Sir, Thank you for giving us this opportunity. My answer to your question is “OUR NEED OF AN ANSWER DOES” That triggers the chanelling Sir.”

Ron: When I re-read the list of questions in order to see which one triggers the incoming information, My impression is that you are entirely correct. So I asked.

A: The Council: Partially correct. We will, of course, answer a question that is most in need of an answer at the time. We see our audience as a unit and respond accordingly. However, it is also true that we have an agenda. We have touched upon this often in the past. We are here to bring your attention and your understanding to the point of being able to accept the truth of your beings and realize your potentials. That is the reason that we do not use this channel’s postings to address personal questions – unless they directly lead to subjects that we find essential to all that have not been well accepted or understood.

Q: “Hello. I have a very strong feeling that although we have been given much information, there are pieces that are withheld. Is it the correct time to ask for the pieces that might help? If so, then I am asking for them.”

A: Council: All information is available to each. Remember that separations are illusory. There is no reason at all for the Divine to withhold anything that you may wish to know. There is, however, the fact that all information that you receive passes through all of the entirety of your being. And although you do not understand this, and may even not like the fact, the I AM that is you will see that you get what is needed and relevant. In other words, first things first. As an example, learning the reason for your current situation and how you may learn and benefit from it is more relevant to you than what you were doing 1500 years ago and where you were. That life may have extremely little to do with this one. Remember what we said about separations. This is not being controlled by anyone outside of you. But you need to come to grips with the actuality of your entire being. The divine YOU is not a fairy tale. As you rise in consciousness and understanding, there will be nothing that you cannot know or experience. No one is deciding this but you. But the egoic, or smaller, limited, self is going to need to let go of the idea he or she is “it”. And she will not like that much.

Q: “Thank you for your Love. I am feeling intense energies, especially in the morning, but struggle sometimes to sense the energies later in the day. Often, I feel the ability to sense the energies relates to what I eat, otherwise ingest. What can I do to enhance the flow of these energies throughout the day?”

A: Council: You are experiencing the beginnings of a process. When we say ‘you’ in this response, we are speaking to all of the readers.

We have told you that the energies that you are embedded in are changing and increasing is strength and frequency. We have told you everything and everyone is being changed by this. Congratulations to those who are beginning to sense the changes. Let us discuss this a bit more in order to enable you to take better advantage of this opportunity.

When you first awaken, feeling this and placing your attention upon it will be relatively easy. We suggest that you explore it for at least a few moments before you let the day’s input dilute your attention. Where do you feel it? What does it feel like? Can you feel it more? Can you immerse yourself in it? It is stronger than last time? How long can you feel it?

It is a process. There may well be a morning when you do not feel it. Please do NOT berate yourself for it. You are growing. It will return. This is your life force. It does not go away. You attention may vary, however.

As you do this more and more, you will find that you can spend more time with the feeling. But realize that when it becomes your natural state, it will also tend to be felt less because it will be your norm and not the exception. But placing your attention upon it and remembering the feeling will enable you to feel it when you wish to.

At that point, however, you will realize that much else has changed. You are becoming able to hold energy that would have blown your circuits a short time ago.</span
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