Goddess of Creation: Clearing Past Lives Through Your Divinity

light spiral gate eraoflightYour soul is your I AM presence. Your soul is your like with God/ Goddess. Your soul is impacted by the many past lives you have experienced. Therefore your soul is YOU; the good, the bad, everything.

During this channel, the Goddess spoke briefly about how people can access their past lives through the Akashic records or through their divinity. She worked this time with the divinity because it is directly about you, it is giving you a clear image of who you are. As each past life cleared that was holding you back, there was a greater amount of white light that was added to your soul. Your soul is already immense and filled with light. This gives you a chance to experience to create greater flow and strengthen the bond.

We cleared past lives just in general and then one about relationships. We also linked w with a part of the soul that can teach you in your life now. So too it gave you a chance to practice being in the light of your divinity as you perceive life and situations.

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out, sending you love, light, energy, joy, compassion; whatever it is that you may need in your life in this now moment I send you from my heart to yours.

Indeed there is a huge transformation that is taking place both out within the universe and here upon the earth. This transformation continues to be about the ascension process. It is also about you the individual on your personal journey, you the individual as part of the human race, you the individual that is that tiny piece to the massive puzzle that is represented by the interactions of those upon the earth, the angelic realm, the light beings and all the many individuals both upon the earth and out in the universe.

There is a relationship that takes place where there’s an easy flow of energy. This energy that comes from I the Goddess and God energy; that comes from the angels and the light beings is here with the clear intention that each one of you have access to this. It is yours; it is in support of you. May you always know that you are loved, you are never alone, this is for you.

As you ground yourself, I invite you to take a deep breath in where you breathe into your nose; feel that breath of energy and light as it moves into your head. It goes into your heart center and then send it down into the earth. As you send this energy into the earth you may feel it as it moves in and out in different directions.

When you work consistently with grounding your human form by sending your consciousness in such a way, it is as if there is a pattern or there is a space that allows you to anchor in and it is created for you and by you with your repeated connections. You allow that energy of Gaia and that grounding light to move back up to that column of light that you have created. It comes back up into your heart center and you feel yourself anchoring here upon the earth. You then send it further up. It goes up through your energy bodies, it goes out through the top of your head and you have that sense of connecting to your higher self.

Here within your higher self you have access to look at your life from that higher perspective. It is a place where perhaps you come together and create in your everyday life looking at potentials. It is that blend with your divinity and you the human. If there is excess energy or things that have not worked for you still taking up space within your higher self, ~whew~ clear it out.

As you clear out the energy of your higher self it allows you even more awareness for you to be able to discern. You then allow your consciousness to go even further, it streams upward, it connects within that space of your divinity. It may be something you see, it may be something you feel, howsoever you perceive this connection allow your focus to merge fully.

Your divinity is your alignment with you. You as the many, many lifetimes; you as God source, you as the absolute loving, accepting, balanced essence of yourself. As you feel this energy of your divinity filling you up, I invite you as your consciousness to look out and feel my embrace. As I merge with you, you recognize how I as the Goddess amplify all of who you are as the human and as your soul, allowing our energies to blend fully.

As our energies merge you may feel us moving into the space of the All That Is. Take a moment and just feel what this space is for you.

Each of you have had many, many lifetimes upon the earth. These past lifetimes are recorded in several different ways. You are very aware of the Akashic records having used them many times in the past.

Let me rephrase that. We in these teleconferences have worked with the Akashic records, in addition it is something very commonly spoken about by people, energy workers, channelers, mediums, different people.

The Akashic records are actually a blending of many different experiences. Each of you have multiple lifetimes that are recorded in your Akashic record. However, there are also lifetimes that are communal so to speak; where multiple different people have lived that similar lifetime each from their perspective.

Another way of looking at past lives is from within your divinity. One of the things that is so essential about your divinity is that it is you as your soul, as the source of all that you are and that soul is made up from the different lifetimes that you have had. Some of these lifetimes are things that are now holding you back. Some of these lifetimes are giving you the tools that you need to succeed in this life.

Through the ascension process you have the ability to work with your divinity, where whatever it is that you connect to it is completely your own. As you transition these lifetimes that no longer serve you it allows your divinity to become much more cohesive. You may have a different perspective however one way of describing this is that you as your divinity are a brilliant white light, within that light are multiple segments like pieces of the puzzle that have created the whole. Some of those segments are less bright than others. Some of them might be completely blank as in not representing light or reflecting light. Most everyone has multiple different experiences that make up their I AM Presence.

I invite you to have a sense of just allowing your consciousness to relax. As you relax consider for a moment if there is anything from a past life that no longer serves you, either in that lifetime or right now, allow that to come up for you.

As you take in whatever this may be, some have a sense of seeing pictures, some intuitively know what happened in the lifetime. If there’s something that’s going on in your lifetime right now that might be impacted from this past lifetime ask to know what that link is for you.

As you consider what that may be, ask to know what lesson was important for you to know from this.As you consider this past life, ask to know, whatever it is that you may need to know on a conscious level.

When you work with a past life in this way it can sometimes make you very anxious, it can sometimes bring up emotions that are challenging. Therefore as you align with whatever that life is, as you acknowledge for yourself, whatever was meant for you to know, then let everything come together; just bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ and clear it out.

As you clear out that past life, have a sense of just cleaning off your aura. Have a sense of looking and perhaps multiple lifetimes were affected by that one, therefore as you clear from your consciousness and into your divinity, take a look at it again as if you are just cleaning out this energy and now as you consider your divinity take a moment and take in what it feels like.

For some, this may feel a little more abstract, for others it may be more specific. As with anything in energy work is your intention that is the primary way in which you align with whatever the clearing may be.

Open up your consciousness and ask to know, is there another past lifetime that is holding you back? As you consider this lifetime ask to know, is there a person in your current lifetime of relationships that is also affected or impacted by this past life?

If you would like to understand more then ask for greater clarity so that you may understand more fully what that lifetime was for you. As you consider relationships, is there with these perhaps one or two individuals a link to multiple experiences between you and that person. If so, understand where the foundation was created and then have a sense of just pulling up those roots from whatever that foundation is ~whew~ and clear them up; as you pull those roots out from your divinity, immediately the white light of your soul moves into those spaces filling in the places with greater balance, love, light, source, energy.

As you consider relationships, perhaps there is no distinct alignment with your past life, however, if there’s something in your current reality, about the relationships, that’s no longer serving you bring that energy together as if you are pulling it up calling it down from whatever it is being your thoughts and beliefs, pulling it up from any emotions, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ and clear that out.

It may be that the relationships remain within your life, however, let go of that old energy, let go of that perception or the experiences that are painful to you ~whew~ let it go. And with your inner eyes I invite you to have that sense of taking on or opening up to your divinity even though there might not have been a specific link to past lives simply clearing out relationships that no longer serve you, be it conscious or unconscious in any form. Observe the way your divinity continues to expand.

Let us turn this around now. Consider something in your life that you have been seeking to know or understand.

As your divinity it may be you have the answer from another life experience or it may be a bridge to something else. Therefore, when you consider whatever it is that you bring up into your consciousness invite your divinity to show you the answers. It may be something you see; you may feel it, sense it.

If there is something within you that is struggling, perhaps feeling less than or not enough invite your divinity to just shine the light upon your consciousness. Allow it to just beam into you the unconditional love, the acceptance, the knowledge, the answers and be open to receive howsoever it may come to you in this now moment as if your divinity just beams a light towards you; embrace it.

You may actually feel it in the consciousness with which we communicate, and it will also just immediately flow down into your human experience. As you allow that to strengthen as you allow that energy to be expressed as you, you can send it into a situation.

We have spoken before about the importance of disconnecting from low vibration. Low vibration are perhaps people, perhaps experiences that hold you down when you are in their presence. It may be a situation that just simply is discordant with you as your intrinsic self and therefore you send out a particular vibration, the situation brings in a different vibration and there’s that feeling that is disconnected and you might struggle or you might be pulled into a situation that no longer supports you.

As you are here in this presence, as you disconnect from whatever that situation may be you can then as we are doing in this now moment, look at that situation through the eyes, the senses of you as your soul.

I invite you to do this without any form of control. You need not tell anybody anything, you need not make anybody else’s choice for them, this is strictly about you observing a situation, allowing the light of your divinity to illuminate all that is within that situation.

When people speak of God working this is one of the ways in which God works with you and for you.

Be in this experience. Be in this now moment. Be yourself as source.

I speak frequently about your potential to empower yourself as the human in this lifetime. Empower to me is about you being in the vibration of love and source which is your divinity. As that vibration works with you, within you and through you it strengthens your sense of self, it strengthens that knowledge that you are infinite, it fills in the spaces in your energy that feel disconnected, therefore, sending a flow of love, of light and then energy through everything. Feel what this is. Accept it as you; you as soul, you as source, you the human.

It is powerful. It can transform anything upon the earth and it has transformed. Throughout the millennia people will tap into this energy, allowing it to strengthen them, clear obstacles and illuminate potentials. I invite you to just bask in that energy for a moment.

If you would like to create something that becomes and immediate link, perhaps a symbol, a sound, a word, create something in this now moment that you can use in your daily life that will bring you back into this now moment.

And again another wave of love, a wave of the strength and the balance and the power that is you as your divinity flows through you and it goes into any situation in which you may find yourself.

With the greater clarity that you just found within your alignment, you may choose to go back and look at any other past lives. You may choose to look at your divinity with the intention of understanding whatever you may need to know.

You take in a deep breath and you know that you are loved, that you are balanced and that you have access to anything you may need in your life.

Have a sense of recognizing that this alignment with your soul will always be there and available to you. Therefore, each of you as your consciousness and as your soul, I invite to come back as a group. Some of you have gone to many different vibrations within the All That Is. Some of you are continuing to work with your past lives.

I invite you to come back and create a circle that not only amplifies you as your divinity it is also going to bring up more of you as the human. As this circle is created you may see that hologram of the earth that comes up. As this hologram comes up within the group you recognize that there are many angels and light beings that are also a part of this group.

The hologram itself seems to spin or rotate and as it does so everyone sends in that greater clarity about their divinity, that greater clarity of having cleared out the past lives and that greater balance that comes from that intrinsic alignment within you. All of that is sent into this hologram, the hologram then moves out into the universe and it moves down into the earth.

As it moves down into the earth it moves through the magnetic grid, it moves through the energies of the earth. As you clear the collective consciousness you are infusing all of that immense white light and all of that immense light of your divinity letting it filter and move through clearing out the collective consciousness, clearing out all those past lives that were released this evening and that essence of the hologram goes down into the center of the earth.

As you connect within the earth it merges with those crystals and then it comes up and out from the earth. It clears those old connections; it clears the lower vibrational energies allowing for more of the high vibrational balance and divine to come up through the earth itself.

Each one of you through that connection you have to Gaia receives all that you did this evening. It moves into you, it comes up into your energy bodies and up into your heart center, anchoring you and allowing you as the human to continue to integrate these energies. So too, it clears the collective consciousness moving up through the grass, the water, the trees, moving up into every person, be they conscious or unconscious that are in this space to integrate this journey.

As you allow for that integration and that grounding to take place within you, you also bring back the rest of your consciousness. As you do so you have that sense of all that took place in the All That Is manifesting both clearing and amplifying in your divinity and it comes back down through that stream of consciousness that is you, moving through your higher self, moving down into you as the human and some of it will even stream around the outside of you.

As It Clears Your Energy, It Anchors within you.

Take a moment that you may integrate the transformation of all that you’ve cleared out and released and all that you are now open and receiving in a much more conscious way.

As you work with your divinity, allowing for that flow to go from your human reality into the soul plane into the All That Is and letting that, it’s almost like it’s a flow that moves between all the levels of consciousness. You will begin to recognize that you can release anything, be it past life, be it energy imprints, no matter what it is you can clear out and release anything at all that is holding you back so that you are here in the presence of that which fully supports you, of that which is the expression of the love for you as source.

You are amazing. You are the reflection of God source in this specific person. Know that you always have the support of I the Goddess, the angels, the light beings. We are all here to help you see yourself as we see you and that is a fully connected and balanced individual that reflects the love and the light of their divinity in all that they do.

Beloved family I am always with you.




» Source » Channel: Shelly Dressel