Mercury Retrograde Healing RX; Key Revelations & Breakthroughs Possible

horoscope planetary energies eraoflightdotcomIn our last Mercury Retrograde of the year is a bonus you might not expect. Yes, we’ll have the usual sensation of slow down and interruptions of communications. However this particular retrograde can be a significant gift because of how it can catalyze life review and letting go of old energies. Think of this is a mega healing RX for the stuck places in your life and for shifting difficult relationships. Between November 16 and December 6, in fact, you could discover a whole new “you” that’s ready to be birthed just in time for 2019! Continue reading for examples and how to best work with these energies.

Mercury Retrograde Nov 16 to Dec 6

Firstly, 3-week Mercury Retrogrades are always an excellent opportunity to reflect on your status quo and where you want to be headed next. We’ve already had two of these cycles this year. This final one is actually the best time to get the clear picture you have wanted to have for months.

On an inner level, as you have moved through many outer world challenges and struggles, you have been building resilience and a quiet knowing that you have what’s needed to meet the next obstacles and unknowns. Your inner being, after all, knows that practice and persistence make all the difference.

This year you have had practice applying what you know and the ability to be persistent even when things kept getting crazier and crazier. To be here now, reading these words, trust that you indeed have succeeded with this. As I describe this, keep in mind quantum. If you measure success in a linear way, one misstep can be seen as failure. No one, not even enlightened beings, always fully apply what they know.

Secondly, I recommend approaching this Mercury Retrograde with new eyes and a fresh approach. To be sure, of course, you want to remember typical things like backing up your devices ahead of the retrograde. If you have an important message for someone or need to sign a contract, it’s usually best to do before or after a retrograde. That said, don’t be superstitious – there are always exceptions. Sometimes your car breaks down and you need to buy a new one. Also, if something important needs to be communicated – go with divine timing and let go of worry about it being the retrograde. These cycles aren’t nature’s way of punishing us – they are simply energy in motion. Understanding them – both the things that can be impacted so you can work around those, and the things that you could accomplish because of the retrograde – makes all the difference.

Thirdly, since this particular retrograde cycle can help catalyze deeper level secrets and forgotten life experiences, these 3 weeks can be especially helpful to personal transformation.

Example: a stale relationship could be revived – or even appropriately ended – due to intuitive insights you receive during the retrograde. The person may still be in your life, or you may have become distant. The same principle applies. I suggest using this retrograde time to do inner contemplation, meditation, and healing work that goes to deeper levels where hidden information lies.

I know from my 1-1 DNA healing work with others that oftentimes a person perplexed about a relationship will get insights about that person in between sessions. This can happen even before we directly address the issue. One way to describe how this happens is this: a person feels unsettled about a relationship, perhaps mentioning the name but then speaking about something else in the session. Afterwards, as the person is processing the healing energy of the session, they may suddenly have flashbacks about the difficult relationship – and get new insights that open the door to healing root causes.

Another example: a block about moving forward can sometimes cause a person to close down their energy – and with that their creative juices. Especially in these times of uncertainty and chaos, such a person could begin to feel so uninspired that they keep their feelings to themselves. They may get so depressed that they stop sharing with others – they may even stop their inner inquiry about why they feel so sad and blocked.

Here’s one thing I recommend in these cases. The simple act of sharing your difficult situation with someone else can catalyze just the additional insights you need to better understand things and move towards resolution. When you do this, it doesn’t mean that you are weak or that you are expecting the other person to “fix” what’s “wrong.” You do this to open your own heart to someone else, and to give him or her the opportunity to listen as your sounding board.

Deep listening to one another in these times is, in fact, one of the most important things for the healing of each other and our world. It’s a compassionate and caring way to show up and be with someone.

The person listening can be a friend, a trusted colleague, a family member, a therapist, a hairdresser, a body worker, or a healer. Sometimes it’s a stranger too. Yes, your pets can listen too, and provide abundant support, but what I’m suggesting here is the human element.

When we can learn to live together on Earth as the diverse group of humans we are – opening our hearts to one another and seeing each other as divine beings – we will have evolved beyond the tribal divisions surfacing now. We will have come home to ourselves, remembering our cosmic heritage and starry roots.



» Source » Author: Selacia