Andrew the Magdalene: Balanced Phenomenon

starflash eraoflightWe male Magdalenes wish to speak today in one voice. I am Andrew currently speaking. We wish to portray our humble presence in service to the Great Mother of All Things. Your religions have chopped up and divided the basic understandings of eternal blessed truth. How can there be a Father God without a Mother God? In nature this is a balanced phenomenon, where two become one the Mother creates. The Father is the stillness, the great stillness of the void. The Mother brings forth the expression of the great creativity of the divine and thus we are her children in form, of form, living and breathing in united oneness. Therefore, how can men and women not be treated equally if we are both expressions of the divine Father / Mother? We see this as a great travesty of truth that simply needs to be reeducated and rewoven. For too long masculinity has been obfuscated, confused, twisted. We do not dominate. We serve. We serve our women, our families, our communities and in so doing we find our strength in service the great divine.

I Andrew has lived many ives as a Magdalene both male and female, in different life streams. As have all of you. You all have been many things to many people. The question is who will you be to yourself? Will you serve the great Divine Father / Mother with joy or will you become complacent, poisoned by selfishness. The selfish are lonely. Now I am preaching to the choir here, for you all understand love. You are love. You understand that you are the great Mother’s hands and feet and you are ready and eager to serve. Perhaps it is time now more than ever to breathe a fresh understanding of “religion” for we see this falling away. The old cannot be sustained under the pummeling energies of the new. And the truth will set you free, as the wise saying goes. Who knows, perhaps it was said by one of you in another time stream? But it is true. Eagerness to serve will serve you well. It will create new opportunities of growth, of development of certain now dormant gifts that are waiting to be unwrapped by either the experience of a hard call or need or by quiet contemplation and development of inner sight. But as a human in a body, you expand when you work, when you serve, when you think and when you pursue new truths. And so I Andrew am enjoying speaking to you now as a representative of the Divine Masculine portion of the Essenes, a branch of the Magdalenes that pledged their service their monk-hood either celebrate or married, to the greater communities that we loved, in service of the divinity of the family unit or a myriad of other ways.

We see the light workers needing to come together more. We see the time is ripe to create new communities whether online or in person rolling up sleeves together. The RV is well on its way which will be a magnificent tool. But the isolation needs to end. Be at peace. The great Mother’s inbreath is beginning to exhale and truly you are in the midst of her out breath, her wave at this most precious now. Feel it. Breathe it. Let it in. And roll up your sleeves for you will be more surely needed and highly sought after for your skill os love and of service. I am Andrew. I used to keep up many an Essene library and was a part of many mysterious – what you would call mysterious – inductions as an initiate of the Great Mother. Many things will be revealed shortly and in their due time as is most appropriate. But be at peace that all things are unfolding. And your life story, will be a metaphorical scroll in the Akashic hall of records that you will enjoy unrolling and revisiting many eons from now. Believe it or not, you will fondly remember many of these moments. Make the best of them for they are fleeting in the wind. Now is the only time that there is for you. So best make the most of it. I am Andrew. I bid you love and service. I am Andrew the Magdalene.

» Source » Channel: Glaxygirl