Higher Consciousness is NEW Real-izations

youniverse within eraoflightdotcom.jpegApplying this NEW KNOWLEDGE to how you live your life here….. What are YOU vibrationally aligning YOURSELF to?

Do you really really really, really really really, really really really SEE and fully UNDERSTAND from deep WITHIN YOU as to what you are constantly vibrationally aligning yourself/your reality to/with…. in order to EXPERIENCE here?

Do you really really really step wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back from all and OBSERVE YOURSELF and what you participate in, what you support and what you allow?

Do you really really really hold YOURSELF to your absolute highest level of consciousness WITH EVERY BREATH…. which will mean… every ACT-ion…. every act….. IS EVERY ACT highest aligned in absolutely every way?

This will be the determining FACTor of all….. as “this” is what determines Old Earth or NEW…. for each one of us and you.

Do you really really really OBSERVE YOURSELF to see what LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS you FUNCTION FROM…. all of the time…. in EVERY MOMENT….. if you do, then awesome, because this means that your REALity is BEyond magical, amazing and DIVINE in every way… This means you’ve REMEMBERED FULLY and where you exist and function from is PURE DIVINE SACRED LOVE and PURE UNITY FROM WITHIN you too…. this means that you have fully aligned your entire REALity, every relationship, your physical world stuff and you…. and YOU LIVE a Quantum Life… a fully vibrational and energetic life…. always fully aligned on a Soul Level, on a Cosmic/Universal Level…. and that you don’t function from any distorted matrix ego programs any more….

It means that your ENTIRE LIFE REFLECTS BACK to you…. the PURITY that you are…. a fully abundant reality that MATCHES your own brilliance and contributions to HUmaNITY… because you finally REMEMBERED all of the reasons and purposes of why you CHOSE to be here on this MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EARTH NOW…..

It means that you live, exist and breathe…. in UNISON with our BE-LOVE-d Gaia, our Universe and the entire Cosmos too. It means you BREATHE the BREATH OF LIGHT, LIFE, LOVE and UNITY…. from deep within you…. through you… and out…. to touch all as love and tune your entire reality for you…..

It means that you exist from your PUREST PLACE with every act, with every thought, with every breath….. It means that you see the MUCH BIGGER PICTURE and you totally understand, with every breath…. that your contributions and support, your UNION through HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS, your acts…. support a much higher consciousness HUmaNITY….

It means that you SEE BEYOND that “thing” and your little ego self…. to hold a DEEP DIVINE SACRED LOVE, RESPECT and INTEGRITY from deep within you…. a very “different” one that used to align on an ego level… this one REQUIRES that you govern yourself and that you hold yourself to a much higher place…. in every moment, with every act, in every exchange…

It means that you REALLY REALLY REALLY, really really really, really really really GET IT… with every cell of your body, with every breath that you take… that you breathe FULL CONSCIOUSNESS through you… and you shift vibrationally, you shift your own ENERGY… you hold yourself to this highest place….. until you function from this place, this SPACE….. as your new and natural, organic, simple, easy way…..

It’s beyond beautiful, exquisite, magical and so SOFT…. it’s not harsh in any way. It is PURE POWER, because you bring your own POWER from deep within… which means that the “physical” is aligned by you….. and matches what you HOLD, what you transmit out… what you ARE… in this every moment here/now….

THIS MOMENT…. This breath creates, this act creates, this thought creates, this…. and it’s either PURE, it’s either UNITY, it’s either DIVINE LOVE and RESPECT…. or it’s not. It is this SIMPLE. ♥


Continue to In-JOY the brilliance of your NEW, much higher dimensional earth experience fully too! So very much love… ♥

From the Divinity within me, from the depth of my Purest Light/Heart/Soul to yours….. ☼

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


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