HeavenLetters: God Calls You To Him

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved Godwriter, there is an impulse in your heart that prompts you to Godwrite. Sometimes My desire for Our recognized Oneness squeezes your heart. Yes, impulses from God reach far and wide. Through your desire and My desire, Our hearts reach.

Godwriting can seem like the sound of almost silent silver bells reaching you from Heaven or perhaps the lightest of silver and golden leaves swirling to you from Heaven. Here they come, thoughts upcoming, thoughts awaiting, thoughts pending, thoughts blown to you through God’s breath, inspired to fall like earthen leaves delicately or sometimes blown sweepingly by strong winds in autumn.

Somehow you are caught up in a subtle reverie, a gossamer-like enchantment; this beauty from Heaven is given to you in service to love. You follow this vast beautifulness called Godwriting. You come all the way to Oneness, One Beloved Self.

How in God’s Name does Godwriting happen in the world of Earth? You wonder: How does it come to you – to you, of all people? In reality, are you a sojourner in Heaven seemingly only on loan to Earth?

When Godwriting comes to you, you swing high in the delight of a holiday in Heaven. Godwriting can come to you any hour of the day or night.

Happy day! You come to know inestimable happiness.

Your life newly blessed with Godwriting likely will not reveal itself constantly as happiness personified. You may still follow old trails. Some of the old continues to keep company with the new. Because you are blessed with Godwriting, this doesn’t mean all the good you deserve is in perennial bloom or filled with stardust for you.

Beloved, life does not have to present you with purple sunsets and pie in the sky, and yet… and yet there will be…more and more pure joy…yet every single day isn’t a lucky streak with the sidewalks paved in gold. You will receive shining moments of remarkable joy even as you continue walking in your old shoes or barefoot in brambles. You may well have all the good that will come.

Often you have thought, have you not, that if only you could have this or that given to you, you would have total happiness and never a stumbling block. Is this familiar to you? If you had more money, a new house, a new counselor, a new wife, then you would have no difficulties, and you would be happy beyond measure. I don’t want you heaped with disappointment. Anticipate, yet not insist.

You will receive greater happiness, greater in depth and bulk, greater in happiness and ease, happiness greatly sustained, yet not constantly in terms of the world. This is the world for you, Beloved.

Yes, attain a total state of Nirvana, yet no one on Earth knows the exact moment of what is called death, and, as best you know, no one knows when every single moment of extraordinary happiness will solidly stay yours.

The world will change overnight, yet the world may not change overnight every single night like clockwork. Cherish what you have. You still have growing to do. You and your experience of daily life grow. Life teaches. Life humbles you even as it enlightens you.

Look at what you gain through life always.

Godwriting is God-Given, yet Godwriting and what is referred to as you happen to be a part of world life. There is always more to come. It will come. To your joy, greater comes to you as if out of the blue. It also comes from Heaven’s decree, not necessarily at the moment you desire it. By your very Being, good fortune is a gift to you when good fortune says so.


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff