Mike Quinsey: Peaceful Policies

mike quinsey eraoflightdotcom.jpgThere are still people talking of the possibility of war between nations, but be assured that all steps are being taken to ensure that it does not happen. The consensus of the people is that they have had enough of war and bloodshed, and that it is now time for Humanity to enjoy the coming together of all people in a worldwide move to broker permanent peace. We in the higher realms are overseeing events on Earth and while we do not interfere with your freewill decisions, at the same time we back those who have dedicated their lives to bring peace to all peoples who are collectively putting out powerful thoughts for total peace to return. There will still be minor skirmishes within countries that are caught up in disputes, but even those will diminish in time as the realisation comes about that regardless of the nature of the disputes, a peaceful settlement is possible and far better for all concerned. Over many, many years enormous amounts of money have been made by those who trade in weapons of destruction, but it is blood money that could have benefitted the Human Race in so many ways that poverty need not have existed.

Peaceful policies and those involved do not get the publicity they deserve, and the dark Ones who still largely control the Press continue to highlight that which speaks of war and the threat of war. They concentrate on keeping the world at large in a state of tension and dissatisfaction. However, there are also those who work hard to break the mould and now that they are at least making headway, and find it not as difficult as previously because the power of the Illuminati has been severely curtailed. So to say, behind the scenes all progresses well, and far more is happening than you are likely to know in the present circumstances. Even in high places there are notable persons working for the Light, but it is in their interests to protect themselves by staying anonymous. Some you know by their actions and they are the new Leaders in waiting and will be found to emerge when it is safe to do so.

The temperature is rising and it is quite a normal occurrence during the cycles on Earth. It gives Mother Earth an opportunity to cleanse itself as part of the changes that have come with the new cycle. Your history shows that the Earth experiences considerable changes in the course of time, even in your Human history of some 200,000 years. You have ample time to prepare for them and with new technologies should not find difficult to deal with. You still have challenging times coming but the Higher Forces will be on hand to influence you to take the right action.

On occasions when unusual problems crop up we may help you and deal with them direct, but you will not necessarily know that it was handled in this way. All through your history you have been given help from above, but at the same time there are situations that you have brought upon yourselves, and will have the responsibility of making them good. Clearly no one would learn from their mistakes if someone else cleared them up. After all, you are here on Earth to gain experience, to grow in understanding spiritually and to continue to evolve through them. It is at times hard for you to grasp the meaning for your experiences, and understand that it is all for your growth and in the long term prepare you for life in the higher realms.

You have been so isolated upon Earth that you are only just beginning to accept that you are just one of thousands and thousands of planets that have intelligent life. All are in the process of evolution and although their path may be quite different to yours, they are nevertheless heading for the higher vibrational levels. You are at a crucial point which is why you are being protected on your journey as no other civilisation is allowed to interfere with your progress. Since you passed the marker the situation has changed, and the Blue Avians have been appointed to guide and protect you, which is why they are now in your Solar System. They will ensure that you not held back by the actions of the Illuminati or any other groups that are presently on Earth, or in you Solar System.

Those who are ready to ascend will go all the way to Ascension without experiencing interference. You have still more to learn before you are ready, but from here on the path will become much easier and enjoyable. You are on the verge of great changes that will see you go forwards in leaps and bounds and in a relatively short time you will have left most of the old vibrations of harsh duality behind. Life will become more enjoyable and the different Races will come closer together, and still respect those differences that make you unique. It will be the way of things that all be seen equal as in the eyes of God. It will be the beginning of true happiness as you all share in each others experiences. Universal Love will be in action as each soul understands the Oneness of All That Is.

As time passes you will easily get used to the changes as they will uplift the quality of your life. You will spend much less time on the labours of life as you do now, and have ample time to develop your awareness and other skills. Understand that you are a spiritual Being and your final objective is to become a Being of Light. It is of course well into the future and it is as well to know where your experiences are leading you. It may sound strange to some of you but bear in mind that you are you are travelling back along the path that brought you to your present experience. There is absolutely nothing to be worried about as you will progress at your own pace. It is different now in your present period of evolution where your movements are very slow and restricted, but when you ascend into the “Now” an entirely new vista opens up for you. You will have many options as to what you want to do, and they are limitless and since you will be able to travel anywhere by the power of your thought it will be instantaneous.

The mundane life you lead now will not keep you much longer and so much more awaits you. The New Age will truly be getting under way in the very near future. The basis for it is already being developed and when the time is right, and that mainly means safe it will be rapidly introduced. So an exciting time beckons but please be patient as it is so important that the introduction of so much that is new, is released when it is the “right time”.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. It is certainly needed in the middle of so much confusion and uncertainty, but it will eventually end. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

4 Replies to “Mike Quinsey: Peaceful Policies”

  1. flazak

    ^ Perhaps there are a group of people/families who consider themselves above the law, who pull the global monetary strings and manipulate world events in such a way as to bring about those end time doom prophecies from the bible in order to maintain their control over the world at the expense of everyone in it who merely wish to go about their lives in peace? Think about the eye at the top of the pyramid on the dollar. If this is the case, they can be stopped before they do the damage, the good can dismantle their mechanisms and then we can move on from this brinkmanship on the >world stage< and start rebuilding? Who writes/wrote the script?

    Assad is an eye doctor? Maybe this means he is a part of that plan?? Actors in a play. World Stage. etc etc etc – maybe we are witnessing a different end as part of a new beginning? Why resign yourself to biblical prophecy as being the only way when there are many other potential ways to go just because the bible said so? All IMHO no offence intended etc 🙂

    1. Cheri Lawrence

      Hi Flazak! Great to hear from you! Agree with you 100% on the biblical gloom and doom, it is what Mark Taylor aptly calls Satan’s frequency and we tune into it with our fears and emotions in essence creating this in our outer world. The only power they ever had was manipulating our emotions through fear and survival but they do it with the aid of technology and artificial intelligence that entrains our DNA to vibrate to the lower frequencies of pain and fear. The propaganda lame stream media purposely broadcasts at a HZ level that is inharmonious with DNA and all of life.

      Chris, awakening to the control system is a huge part of ascension we all go through as the age old fears surface. This is awareness of the false matrix as parts of the bible were purposely deleted and hidden to promote their new world order end times scenario. The only thing ending is the new world order and the satanic agenda as each of us awakens to overcome our fears and embody the light, reclaiming the truth of who we are.

      With regard to Obama’s WWIII scenario at the border, God has Trumped that agenda! America was the last piece in their control puzzle and we did not and will not fall! The media is actively projecting this fear into the mass consciousness. Our power lies in knowing this is a false agenda and seeing through it to the truth of these situations. Although it is still irritating to see these controllers run amok here in 3d!!

      As for my work in the higher realms I can tell you all the energy is being restored to love and oneness. Soon the manipulation of the masses will no longer work. If you look closely you can see that nothing they try in the bag of tricks is working anymore. Except the misery of those still affected by war, poverty and manipulation.

      The strongholds lie in the cities like London, California, New York, Ontario and of course the Middle East. They manipulate the poor to migrate and cause cultural clashes and chaos. They drain the economy and manipulate the emotional victims and unhinged liberal progressives who have no awareness of real world history.

      It is quite disgusting to see the destruction they have wrought upon these once great cities and states but in America the heartland will win! Don’t buy into the BS that we are on the verge of Armageddon, those timelines are officially closed!

      Long winded these days, sorry! Love you, we are all awakening to the “victory of the light” as Doug would say! Yay!

      Chris tune into qmap.pub for updates of hope!

  2. chris d

    America is going to look like London as soon as this migrant invation is in full swing. Obamas New world order has
    finally arrived and we are looking down the barrel of WW3
    Look at this https://bit.ly/2zqrasu