Stock Market Scam

real news source eraoflightdotcomDear Readers.

Many feel that something is wrong but don’t see where the mistakes are. I investigated this 4 years ago and came to the following conclusion.

We now know that the FIAT Money system is a big cheating, Money from nowhere create you that in real value repayable with interest.

The money that companies borrow is for the account of their consumers.

Companies now buy up their own shares on masse, to polish up the stock market figures.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the real economy, the real economy, the higher the stock market quotations, the more you can say that the real economy is damaged by this FIAT money system.

Here are some figures that I was able to find then about how the reality is.

Fairs are no longer like a casino for yuppies who want to get rich at other people’s expense without any effort.

Realize that only 3% of the world’s population has shares, of which 0.1% leave the 2.9% of unsuspecting shareholders at all risk.

Most of the Stock Exchanges computer-controlled program favour’s the 0.1% with buying and selling shares, with the 0.1% not having to pay any transaction fees.

Of course, the 2.9% private shareholders do pay these transaction costs.

The 0.1% owns about 80% of all shares, and the 2.9% owns 20%, but through the casino program we run them for 80% of the risk.

Because the 0.1% earns money with buying and selling, even if the value drops.

On average, shares are owned for 22 seconds by the 80% that skim off huge profits on the stock market fluctuations, which are withdrawn from the real economy.

Bankers, governments that build on the stock market figures are deceived, the FIAT debt slave system collapses when even the 2.9% says they stop, take their losses but get peace for it.

It is poverty that is used to play off the populations against each other, as migration takes, we are told that we have it so well, while reality is different.

In a sick way we are robbed of our life energy as long as we continue to support them with our work.

We now secretly pay 90% by maintaining various taxes for this crime.

Unemployment figures are very much manipulated, you may have one or more jobs, if you can’t live from them you have a problem, but the unemployment figures don’t include you.

Stop fearing a criminal government that only serves the interests of their bosses, and that is not us who can choose a new fraudster every 4 years to maintain the appearance that we are a democracy.

Stop paying taxes, don’t let yourself be a branch office for a corrupt state to keep their sick system artificially alive, Politicians don’t take in migrants themselves to be enriched by them.

While the Migrants are equally the victims of this sick system, the desire for freedom is great, no one can blame them.

This does not mean that you have to sacrifice your own right to exist in order to give the globalists free rein.

With GESARA, all people are sovereign and get an income to live in abundance.

Those who have a job, have more to spend which is also very reasonable, education should not be a yardstick to maintain income differences.

Lawyers, Judges, Officials, Politicians, are the new stratum of society because of their limited skills and unworldly views, which they only want to apply to their own advantage.

Honesty and transparency are paramount, the entire work system with automatic registration can calculate the salary of the hours actually worked per month per person.

Let’s start with LIFE instead of survive in this Satanists soul empty junk of today.

Diversity in healthy keeping food full of vitamins and minerals, no GMO clutter, not even for animals.

Eliminating ionizing harmful radiation such as 3G to 6G, we do not need this junk to be able to live healthy, it makes us deliberately ill what in turn is a revenue model for multinationals.

See what it really is, to serve a control state and system for the top, if everyone becomes aware of this, and that will certainly happen with the collapse of the Fairs, one will be careful to make this mistake again.

We don’t need a corrupt government to suppress us or even genocide for spraying Chemtrails 13,000 TON in the Western world to weaken us and let the health industry make big profits at our expense of health and expropriation of our labour fruits.

Kind Regards

Rinus Verhagen


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