Integration of Your Multi-Dimensional Fractal Aspects Pushes You Through 3D to 4D to 5D

turn to the light within eraoflightdotcom.jpgFrom each and every lifetime we’ve incarnated into we become that fractal aspect of self. These fractals are encoded within the DNA blueprint. As humans we agree to forget so that we can grow and evolve the soul on every level, every lifetime. There are human incarnated lifetimes, star seed lifetimes, cosmic and galactic lifetimes, inner Earth lifetimes, etc… All comprise you now. If there is trauma associated with that lifetime your fractal aspect of that self splits off, however the encoded light information from that lifetime remains in your DNA blueprint.

As we move through the several layers of the light body ascension process, each layer holds geometric key codes which activate within your DNA on a cellular and codon level, thus activating and upgrading more of your 12 strand DNA. This moves along the 22 chakra system. Each layer elevating you higher in vibrational frequency as each chakra holds its own frequency bandwidth. Being an Aura Reader I see the violet dominant Aura signatures initiated first in the process beginning on 11/11/11, some many years before to be way showers/guides/teachers. Each layer of the ascension process takes years to move through. For me personally I’ve experienced a year and a half to two years on each layer before the integration process is complete and I progress on to the next layer. And I say “layer” purposely as it’s not “levels” of competition. It’s layers to work through on an individual level. Patience is key.

About three years ago all of my fractal aspects of myself in every other lifetime I’ve incarnated into merged into one. For me personally, this is what happened. I would be in a restful, peaceful state, usually laying down to rest my mind and body. I wasn’t asleep, but relaxed. I closed my eyes, focused on my Third Eye and it became immensely bright! The violet indigo waves of light mimicked a 3D viewer coming straight at my Third Eye. Suddenly all of these faces began coming towards me in a 3D format. When they reached where I could see the face, I immediately connected to that past lifetime and aspect of self. Each face held a specific vibrational frequency. I could feel the frequency of that lifetime I lived. Some were good, some were great and some were the opposite. There were male faces, female faces, galactic faces, cosmic faces, ET faces, angelic, fairy, etc…. Some were scary to look at, but I had zero fear. This process went on for two weeks straight every time I laid down in a restful state of being. And each time I encountered 100’s of faces at a time. One day I laid down and there was no more faces. I knew this phase of integrating my fractal aspects was complete. But during this phase, I could feel what level of karma I had obtained in each lifetime. As each face came to me through my Third Eye, the karma cleared when I “acknowledged it.” This happened in a matter of seconds with each face. As this process was complete you become very careful in not obtaining any more karma. You are now off the wheel of karma and that 3rd dimensional density. Your inner Crystalline grid comes on line and you now anchor into nodes of the crystalline grid of New Earth with this high vibrational frequency. Your Christed Merkabah activates and your 22 chakras merge within.

After I integrated all of my fractal aspects of self, I felt whole again and all now compromise my Higher Self. I began to notice as I was doing certain tasks this aspect would step forward to accomplish, or that one would as each held different levels of knowledge and wisdom to impart. As I do Energy Reports my cosmic aspect steps forth. As I write to share wisdom, many aspects come forth to take part. As I talk with my children other aspects, and so on. All are one through the Higher Self connected to the Akashic. Once this occurs you no longer need to seek outside of yourself, and you won’t want to, only within. And as each of these fractal aspects merged into my Higher Self, it brought my Higher Heart into “harmonic alignment” to my Higher Self. During this time the pulses of electromagnetic energy running through the body pulses the heart to open it in alignment to the Higher Self. Your Higher Heart now runs on the unconditional love frequency.

Everything changed after that in my relationship to self with self love and my relationships with others. Then I went through a relationship pattern review from my Higher Self. I connected all of the dots with every relationship I’ve ever had. I was shown how and why I attracted each into my field, the lessons I learned and this was all done with zero emotional attachment to anyone. Each was a mirror to me to show me the fractal aspect of self that needed healing, love and forgiveness. This relationship review from my Higher Self took about 3 days to really delve into each one and SEE what I needed to learn, and how each tied into an aspect and karmic return from a past lifetime encounter with each relationship I had in this lifetime and all of the duality which ensued. This was 4D. All intertwined from thousands of lifetimes. When this process was complete I was no longer attracted to the type of partner I was before this process took place. The self love and forgiveness obtained raises your vibrational frequency even more to now attract a like minded vibrational matching partnership into your life. You understand at this point intimacy is an energy exchange and an energy intertwining of not only all of your fractals, now one, but the other person’s as well. We are all one and all aspects from the Source of Light and Divine Spark, that is the entire Universe. This is your sacred vessel through which houses your soul essence. This scared vessel is Universal flow connected to everything and All that is.

As this remembrance takes place you are pushed through 3D to 4D to 5D. Now you are held responsible for being a “Frequency Keeper/Holder/Gridkeeper” to continue anchoring this vibrational frequency here and now to birth a New Earth. All interactions are 5D. You are, do, be 5D. 5D is unconditional love. Once you obtain self mastery of this you are shown all other dimensions through your multi-dimensional self. You learn self mastery of frequency to move in and out by matching the frequency of that dimension. Once you vibrate at a 5D frequency your foods change again. Your body is vibrating at such a high density spin, you transmute toxins. So anything you eat no longer affects you like it did in the beginning of this journey. Through the vibrational frequency of love all is transmuted.

Right now we are in harmonic convergence. We have been here for a good part of this 2018= 11 Year of Mastery. As this year comes to a close to prepare you for next, you are being given new geometric key codes through the harmonic convergence of the 22 chakras. These are higher vibrational frequencies you’ve not heard before. These will affect the ears as your crystals continue activating in the inner ear to heighten your hearing to hear these Higher harmonic frequencies. This may cause your ears to itch as your crystals activate here. When people speak you will hear their frequency. You will feel the frequency of higher or lower vibrational frequency they are emitting. Here everything is energy and vibrational frequency, and all functions from this space in harmonic convergence. These higher vibarational frequencies coming through now will show you the Higher dimensional realms and parallel universes you exist in simultaneously. This is where you collapse and anchor new timelines through Higher frequency. This is where you birth 5D New Earth in your reality and this is your reality 24/7 in linear time. But in 5D and higher there is no time. You are the past, present and future simultaneously. As you are going through your birthing process of collapsing and converging your timelines to birth 5D your expansion is massive. You want to eat everything in sight. Your dietary needs change and you literally gain weight from birthing new realities. I certainly did, and it fluctuates… Expansion and contraction. Your birth a new reality and then contract from expansion. Your appetite slows down and your metabolism speeds up. Nothing is how it used to be, so let go of what and how it was. This is a new perception based on a higher vibrational frequency. When you surrender, everything falls into alignment.

A hormonal recalibration takes place within too. For me personally my body converts everything in the opposite way it used to. I was doing bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Over the past year my body went through a massive hormonal recalibration. I felt it, as I’m always very in tune with my body, but wasn’t really sure to what extent until I had estrogen and testosterone bio identical pellets inserted under my skin, to what I thought would balance them out. In fact, it did the opposite. The testosterone converted to DHT which caused a great deal of side effects. The estrogen elevated so high in my system it created a multitude of side effects. But with these pellets being inserted under my skin, I was stuck until they ran their course 4-5 months. I was physically miserable. It hit me then, my Higher Self said, you don’t need these hormones, your body is going through a hormonal recalibration. No more hormone replacement! Let your body BE! So I did. It’s all about listening to our bodies, and being in alignment to what our bodies need. It is again, surrendering to the process and allowing it to unfold naturally without interfering or trying to control outcomes. Lesson learned. And this is a constant learning process. At times we are moving through these shifts and aren’t really sure what is taking place until it actually takes place. Then we can see, share and explain to assist others from our experiences.

We co-created 3D and now we’re co-creating 5D and higher. As more people do the inner work, more people arrive. This is a being and doing frequency that is unconditionally loving, assisting, sharing, exchanging, unattached to anything or anyone. We work together to get here by supporting one another and assisting, but not interfering. We do this with kindness, mutual respect, non judgement, compassion and empathy. Every exchange is a beautiful one, a loving and kind one.

No one can do the work for you. No one can give you your geometric key codes, because you already have them, it’s a matter of you activating them and upgrading your DNA operating system. You do that by doing the inner work necessary to get there. There are no short cuts, and there is no accelerated process. It all unfolds as you do the work and fully surrender to it, surrender to your authentic soul self and begin stepping into a service to others role.

As always, I am excited end the year to see where 2019=12 Year, takes us all who are ready to move through Higher and Higher! It’s all so exciting to be apart of these most evolutionary times on New Earth as a Multi-dimensional being. I see you. I honor you. I love you.

Sending much love, (YOU are the Light) Shine on!!!!


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