Sananda: It Only Takes One Domino To Begin To Topple All The Others

yeshua eraoflightdotcom.jpgI am Sananda.  As always, it is a pleasure to be with you, continue to work with you in these times, as these energies continue to move into the planet and you, those of you who have been working with these energies, and now more and more acclimating to these energies, because these energies, especially since this latest gateway (the 11-11-11 gateway), the energies are now coming in more and more.

To those of you who have been acclimating, you are taking these energies and feeling most of the time wonderful, feeling a sense of highness or a sense of calm within you, and even at times a sense of bliss, feeling like this is indeed heaven here on earth.

Then there are those who are not acclimating to these energies, who are still feeling them, and they are taking them in their bodies and they are wrecking havoc with their central nervous system, causing many different discomfortures in their bodies, many different symptoms that they have not had before:  illnesses, sicknesses, all of these things are happening within them because they have not prepared yet, and they do not even know about preparing.  But yet, they, these energies, are able to withstand them.  They are able to work with them, even not knowing that there are energies coming in.

This is where those of you, the Lightworkers and –warriors, Lightbearers and –sharers:  you are the ones who are there to help in these circumstances, in these situations, to help as these fires continue to rage across different parts of the planet.  I say now, different parts of the planet, because this is a beginning.  What is happening in California will happen in other areas as well until those of the Dark Forces realize once and for all that they have met their end, because they are like cornered animals now, where they are shying away from the light.  They are attempting to remain in the darkness because this is all they know at this time, and they seek to do those things which they have always done to attempt to remain in the shadows.  But they are realizing now more and more that they cannot do that, that their time is coming.  But yet they hold on, they remain stubborn even to the last.

But yet, then there are many who have turned to the light.  Many, when given the opportunity have turned, have returned, I should say here, to the light, and they are realizing now that they are a part of the light, that they are a part of the oneness.  More and more they are becoming awakened, just as you have awakened.

There are those who still remain stubborn and will continue to do so as it appears now.  And no matter of influencing is going to turn them away from their path of darkness.  But as their time is coming to an end, they will be removed from the situation once and for all.

Those times are not far off where great announcements are ahead.  I speak now of those announcements that have been spoken of previously:  they are coming.  Yet, all this remains in the background.  Much of it has not yet been revealed.  But it only takes one more major revealing to begin to bring this about, these many changes that have been spoken, these dominos that have been spoken of fallen.  It only takes one to begin to topple all the others.  So be patient a little white longer, my friends.  For the time is nigh.  It is coming upon you quite rapidly now.  You will more and more begin to see the revealings of truth coming forward.  Because that is the only thing that can happen.  Everything else now remains in the past.

It is the time now for your future, your present, and your future.  Because your present, as you live every day in the moment, you are creating the present every moment ahead of you, which then creates the future of the new Golden Age of Gaia.

I leave you now as Sananda.  But always know that we are always close by you, whether it is on our ships, or whether it is here, right in your midst, and you do not even yet know that we are here, but we are.  It isfor those who have eyes to see and ears to hear as the awakening continues who will become more and more aware of us.

All my peace and love be with all of you.


Channel: James McConnell

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