Message from Pleiadian, Arcturian and Ascended Dragon Collectives: You Are The Shange

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomGreetings dear friends, we are the Pleiadian Collective. I am Mira of the Pleiadian Council sending you my love light and greeting as well. Many changes are afoot dear friends and you are those changes. As you walk about dear Gaia you are literally spreading the light of the Christed awakened consciousness over her and into her and around her to those you meet. Open up your high heart yet further and allow in these ever expanding frequencies of Christed light into your frame. I am Mira. I have another meeting to attend to but please know that you are held in high esteem by all who wish to aid in Gaia’s ascension. We hold you in our light and love. I am Mira.

We are the Pleiadian Council and we just finished another meeting and it is with great joy that we see you all shining a little bit more brilliantly moment by moment. Be at peace, ground the light. Know that all is proceeding quite well and we love you very much. Go enjoy your day as an ascended master, being, for that is who you are. Spread the light with joy and love. We honor you this day and for always. We are the Pleiadian Council. Thank you for your service to Gaia and the light.

Greetings we are the Arcturian Collective and it is our great pleasure to connect with you this day. It has been awhile since we have spoken through this channel but that is because it is important that you hear from our many other friends and family that are also assisting you in this most sacred now. Are you enjoying these new higher energies? You may feel your bodies are morphing even as you sit, eat, work and as you go about your day. When you ache, send light into those spots of you that are in the midst of transformation. You are the transformation. And when you transform and rise even yet higher into the Christed light frequencies, truly you do bless those around you through your frequency energetics. Much light and love are bombarding your dear Gaia. May we gently remind you that you promised to be here with love bursting from your hearts to assist her? And so please do. Ground these blessings that you are receiving into her and in so doing you will bless the all. We see many of you are weary. Of course you are welcome on our ships of healing, of light and of love for your nourishment and refreshment. It is true. We are the Arcturian Collective.

We are the Arcturian Collective. It has recently snowed where this one is and the entire world around her is glittering white like diamonds. We see you as these bright flashes of light glittering and new on dear Gaia, covering her in whiteness. Be the light and ground this magnificent ascended dragon blessing this day. We extend our hands in service. Our hearts are full of love for you. We are you in human form, many of us. We are the Arcturian Collective.

We are the ascended dragon collective. For many eons of time we have watched humanity experiment and experience the creations of their own dabbling, blinded and dumb, lost an a realm of misconception. The light is clearing this up quickly and ruthlessly. No longer can one create evil without immediately experiencing their creation. The boomerang has tightened.

We dragons see all things with our all seeing eyes of Source light. We have been clearing and cleaning up the energies of many disembodied wanderers on your planet within and without, assisting them back to the light and eliminating them from further mischief. The dark has no more foothold. You may be seeing the remnants of this but we assure you we are in control with our other friends of the light who are patrolling your skies, your air spaces, your ground and within it. The dark ones have nowhere else to hide. The difference from before is that they know this and many of them are seeking escape. They may be seeking you out, lighted ones with the Christed flame, because they can see your light from afar, quite literally, and need a way out. You can provide them this loving service by sending them The Mother’s love, by wrapping them in her pink light of mercy and grace. You may of course command that they not speak and immobilize them, and you may respectfully request that we ascended dragons assist you, which we will delight in doing. Know that you will be protected. Know that this is a tremendous service to The Mother and continue to do your work, your meditation, your grid clearing, your inner clearing and cultivate peace. Cultivate peace within and without.

When the waves come and stir the pot more darkness will rise and so it will continue onwards over and over until the last cumulative flash. Such has it has happened before in other worlds. The light wins, always wins. For there is really only truth, only light. All else is illusion. Many of you see this know this, understand this, and so we are willing to work with you on these levels that your understanding will allow. Ask Source to expand you further and so your role can grow and become more of what you originally intended. So much is lost when hopping into these fragile human forms, so much. It is time to find it again – to find your strength of purpose, of joy, of grace of peace and to embody the fullness of you that was your original intent. We dragons see all things through space time. We hop worlds, dimensions with grace and ease. We are masters, as are you. It is time you remember.

We are the ascended dragon collective. The light is shining so brightly now. Best allow it into you. Many of you are fighting in the astral realms with us, shining your light brightly for all to see and be healed by. The darkness melts away in the presence of the light. It is your duty to continue with persistence, no matter the circumstances. We are doing the same. All of the (ascended) invisible realms stand in support of your ascension, freedom and send our light. We burn the golden Christed light of the ascended dragon flame now on your crown chakras. Feel the burn, let it in. Sit with it. Let it burn away the pain physically and mentally melt away the painful past life woundings and fill the void with light of the Christed consciousness. Let it move down into your neck now, burning away any chains on your throat chakra, from lives past where you suffered in silence and could not find your voice. Feel the burning clear in your throat and cleanse it. Add the violet fire for co-creative cleansing. Move into the thymus area, the high heart space that is in such desperate need of lightening up. For all of your woundings here have been personal, painful and deep. Feel the pain and then send it light and feel our Christed flame open you up yet even further. Feel the heat illuminate and burn away any remaining fear from living your truth with joy.

Feel the fire of our Christed flame traveling down your arms into your hands lighting up the palmar chakras that spin like the nebulas, opening up your healing ability. Feel your hands get hot with the dragons flame and fire of purification and now extend your hands in service to lift up the downtrodden. Feel the fire and the heat and bless the others with this love. Feel the fire of the Christed flame travel down your torso now, into the sacral and abdomen complexes. Feel the fire dissolve your misgivings of change and open up your creative juices and sexual energies of co-creation. Tremendous woundings have taken place here. We need not say more. All have been affected, wounded, ripped. It is time for our dragon fire of the Christed flame to join with that of the Human Christed flame in purification, love and renewal. Blast it with us. Feel the heat of your chakras opening, releasing, spinning, burning, with love and freedom. Sit awhile with this.

Let the fire extend down your legs, healing, encouraging movement and life force and down into your knees, your lower legs, your feet. Opening up the feet chakras, the receptors for sharing with dear Gaia, your planetary mother whom you serve currently and for always, for she will always have a special place your heart, for you have had many many adventures upon her. Share this fire blessing of purification and opening with her. Sit. Be the fire of the Christed flame. Let it consume any doubt that you are not worthy. You. Are. Worthy. You are a Source fractal. You are the breath of The Mother’s creation.

We ascended dragons serve with grace, ease and skillful agility. As will you now, for you have received our Christed blessing. We are pleased to work with the ascending Christed ones. The dark dragons do not appreciate this of course. But that is not our concern or yours. You are wrapped in light and eternal protection. We are offering our assistance to grow humanity further toward the light and to propel you further into great truth. Embrace this opening. The egg shells are cracked and you are pushing them back around you, blinking in the light. The light is here! It is now! It is you and it is in you! Be the light. Extend your hands in service. We ascended dragons will assist you with joy and great purpose. Find your purpose. We think perhaps you just did. We are the ascended dragon collective. Be in joy. Joy! Be in joy and be at peace. Sit awhile with these frequencies. This was a big boost for you. Contemplate. Save. Re-read and be the light. Be the Christ that you are to the others. We are the ascended dragon collective. Be at peace.

» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl